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This test documents the Constructor properties on SharedWorkerGlobalScope.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
Starting worker: resources/global-context-constructors-listing.js
[Worker] Array
[Worker] ArrayBuffer
[Worker] Blob
[Worker] Boolean
[Worker] DataView
[Worker] Date
[Worker] Error
[Worker] EvalError
[Worker] EventSource
[Worker] FileError
[Worker] FileReader
[Worker] FileReaderSync
[Worker] Float32Array
[Worker] Float64Array
[Worker] Function
[Worker] IDBCursor
[Worker] IDBCursorWithValue
[Worker] IDBDatabase
[Worker] IDBFactory
[Worker] IDBIndex
[Worker] IDBKeyRange
[Worker] IDBObjectStore
[Worker] IDBOpenDBRequest
[Worker] IDBRequest
[Worker] IDBTransaction
[Worker] IDBVersionChangeEvent
[Worker] Int16Array
[Worker] Int32Array
[Worker] Int8Array
[Worker] MessageChannel
[Worker] MessageEvent
[Worker] Number
[Worker] Object
[Worker] Promise
[Worker] PromiseResolver
[Worker] RangeError
[Worker] ReferenceError
[Worker] RegExp
[Worker] SharedWorkerGlobalScope
[Worker] String
[Worker] SyntaxError
[Worker] TextDecoder
[Worker] TextEncoder
[Worker] TypeError
[Worker] URIError
[Worker] URL
[Worker] Uint16Array
[Worker] Uint32Array
[Worker] Uint8Array
[Worker] Uint8ClampedArray
[Worker] WebSocket
[Worker] WorkerGlobalScope
[Worker] WorkerLocation
[Worker] WorkerNavigator
[Worker] XMLHttpRequest
[Worker] webkitIDBCursor
[Worker] webkitIDBDatabase
[Worker] webkitIDBFactory
[Worker] webkitIDBIndex
[Worker] webkitIDBKeyRange
[Worker] webkitIDBObjectStore
[Worker] webkitIDBRequest
[Worker] webkitIDBTransaction
[Worker] webkitURL
PASS successfullyParsed is true