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<!DOCTYPE html>
span { width: 100px; height: 100px; }
/* A grid is a block by default. */
.grid { display: block; background-color: green; }
.inline-grid { display: inline-block; background-color: green; }
<p>In this paragraph <span class="grid" style="float:left"></span> there should be <span class="grid" style="float:right"></span>
two empty grids. One will float to the left and one will float to the right. They should both be empty.</p>
<br clear=all>
<p>This grid should be positioned to the right. <span class="grid" style="position:absolute;right:8px;"></span></p>
<p style="margin-top:115px">
<span style="float:left;background-color:orange"></span><span class="inline-grid"></span> The green grid
should be to the right of the floating orange box.