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<p>test for <a href="rdar://problem/4110775">4110775</a> Crash will occur when double-clicking outerHTML link on W3 DOM test</p>
<p>If the test fails, Safari may crash, or you may see a failure message below. If the test passes, you should see a message with a description of the expected exception.</p>
<div id="test">This test failed.</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
if (window.testRunner)
var t = document.getElementById("test");
var outerStr = "<div id='test2'>This test failed!</div>";
t.outerHTML = outerStr;
try {
t.outerHTML = "<div id='test2'>This test failed!!</div>"
}catch(e) {
document.getElementById("test2").outerHTML = "<div id='test2'>This test passed - expected error - " + e + "</div>";