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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Media Queries - scan media feature for "tv"</title>
if (window.testRunner) {
/* If progressive or interlace will ever be queriable for TVs through some
platform interface, this test needs to be modified by a test override.
For now, the implementation assumes a modern tv with progressive scan.
We test that here. */
@media (scan: progressive) {
#t1 { color: green; }
#t2 { color: green; }
@media (scan: interlace) {
#t2 { color: red; }
@media (scan) {
#t3 { color: green; }
<div id="t1">Should be green</div>
<div id="t2">Should be green</div>
<div id="t3">Should be green</div>