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This page tests handling of parentheses subexpressions.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
PASS regexp1.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp1.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp1.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp1.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp1.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp1.exec('blah\nsecond') is ['blah']
PASS regexp1.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp1.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is ['blah']
PASS regexp1.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah2']
PASS regexp2.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp2.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp2.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp2.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp2.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp2.exec('blah\nsecond') is ['blah']
PASS regexp2.exec('first\nblah') is null
PASS regexp2.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp2.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is null
PASS regexp3.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp3.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp3.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp3.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp3.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp3.exec('blah\nsecond') is null
PASS regexp3.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp3.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp3.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah3']
PASS regexp4.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp4.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp4.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp4.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp4.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp4.exec('blah\nsecond') is null
PASS regexp4.exec('first\nblah') is null
PASS regexp4.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp4.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is null
PASS regexp5.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp5.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp5.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp5.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp5.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp5.exec('blah\nsecond') is ['blah']
PASS regexp5.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp5.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is ['blah']
PASS regexp5.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah2']
PASS regexp6.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp6.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('blah1') is ['blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('blah\nsecond') is ['blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is ['blah']
PASS regexp6.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah']
PASS regexp7.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp7.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp7.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp7.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp7.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp7.exec('blah\nsecond') is null
PASS regexp7.exec('first\nblah') is null
PASS regexp7.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp7.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is null
PASS regexp8.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp8.exec('blah') is ['blah','']
PASS regexp8.exec('1blah') is ['1blah','1']
PASS regexp8.exec('blah1') is ['blah1','']
PASS regexp8.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah','blah blah ']
PASS regexp8.exec('blah\nsecond') is null
PASS regexp8.exec('first\nblah') is null
PASS regexp8.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp8.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is null
PASS regexp9.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp9.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp9.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp9.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp9.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp9.exec('blah\nsecond') is ['blah']
PASS regexp9.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp9.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is ['blah']
PASS regexp9.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah2']
PASS regexp10.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp10.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp10.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp10.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp10.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp10.exec('blah\nsecond') is ['blah']
PASS regexp10.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp10.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is ['blah']
PASS regexp10.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah2']
PASS regexp11.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp11.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp11.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp11.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp11.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp11.exec('blah\nsecond') is null
PASS regexp11.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp11.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp11.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah3']
PASS regexp12.exec('test') is null
PASS regexp12.exec('blah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp12.exec('1blah') is ['1blah']
PASS regexp12.exec('blah1') is ['blah1']
PASS regexp12.exec('blah blah blah') is ['blah blah blah']
PASS regexp12.exec('blah\nsecond') is null
PASS regexp12.exec('first\nblah') is ['blah']
PASS regexp12.exec('first\nblah\nthird') is null
PASS regexp12.exec('first\nblah2\nblah3') is ['blah3']
PASS regexp13.exec('abc\n123') is ['abc\n123']
PASS successfullyParsed is true