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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Top-level presubmit script for Blink.
for more details about the presubmit API built into gcl.
def _CheckForVersionControlConflictsInFile(input_api, f):
pattern ='^(?:<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>) |^=======$')
errors = []
for line_num, line in f.ChangedContents():
if pattern.match(line):
errors.append(' %s:%d %s' % (f.LocalPath(), line_num, line))
return errors
def _CheckForVersionControlConflicts(input_api, output_api):
"""Usually this is not intentional and will cause a compile failure."""
errors = []
for f in input_api.AffectedFiles():
errors.extend(_CheckForVersionControlConflictsInFile(input_api, f))
results = []
if errors:
'Version control conflict markers found, please resolve.', errors))
return results
def _CommonChecks(input_api, output_api):
"""Checks common to both upload and commit."""
# We should figure out what license checks we actually want to use.
license_header = r'.*'
results = []
input_api, output_api, excluded_paths=_EXCLUDED_PATHS,
maxlen=800, license_header=license_header))
results.extend(_CheckForVersionControlConflicts(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CheckPatchFiles(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CheckTestExpectations(input_api, output_api))
return results
def _CheckSubversionConfig(input_api, output_api):
"""Verifies the subversion config file is correctly setup.
Checks that autoprops are enabled, returns an error otherwise.
join = input_api.os_path.join
if input_api.platform == 'win32':
appdata = input_api.environ.get('APPDATA', '')
if not appdata:
return [output_api.PresubmitError('%APPDATA% is not configured.')]
path = join(appdata, 'Subversion', 'config')
home = input_api.environ.get('HOME', '')
if not home:
return [output_api.PresubmitError('$HOME is not configured.')]
path = join(home, '.subversion', 'config')
error_msg = (
'Please look at to\n'
'configure your subversion configuration file. This enables automatic\n'
'properties to simplify the project maintenance.\n'
'Pro-tip: just download and install\n'
lines = open(path, 'r').read().splitlines()
# Make sure auto-props is enabled and check for 2 Chromium standard
# auto-prop.
if (not '*.cc = svn:eol-style=LF' in lines or
not '*.pdf = svn:mime-type=application/pdf' in lines or
not 'enable-auto-props = yes' in lines):
return [
'It looks like you have not configured your subversion config '
'file or it is not up-to-date.\n' + error_msg)
except (OSError, IOError):
return [
'Can\'t find your subversion config file.\n' + error_msg)
return []
def _CheckPatchFiles(input_api, output_api):
problems = [f.LocalPath() for f in input_api.AffectedFiles()
if f.LocalPath().endswith(('.orig', '.rej'))]
if problems:
return [output_api.PresubmitError(
"Don't commit .rej and .orig files.", problems)]
return []
def _CheckTestExpectations(input_api, output_api):
local_paths = [f.LocalPath() for f in input_api.AffectedFiles()]
if any(path.startswith('LayoutTests') for path in local_paths):
lint_path = input_api.os_path.join(input_api.PresubmitLocalPath(),
'Tools', 'Scripts', 'lint-test-expectations')
_, errs = input_api.subprocess.Popen(
[input_api.python_executable, lint_path],
if not errs:
return [output_api.PresubmitError(
"lint-test-expectations failed "
"to produce output; check by hand. ")]
if errs.strip() != 'Lint succeeded.':
return [output_api.PresubmitError(errs)]
return []
def _CheckStyle(input_api, output_api):
style_checker_path = input_api.os_path.join(input_api.PresubmitLocalPath(),
'Tools', 'Scripts', 'check-webkit-style')
args = ([input_api.python_executable, style_checker_path, '--diff-files']
+ [f.LocalPath() for f in input_api.AffectedFiles()])
results = []
child = input_api.subprocess.Popen(args,
_, stderrdata = child.communicate()
if child.returncode != 0:
'check-webkit-style failed', [stderrdata]))
except Exception as e:
'Could not run check-webkit-style', [str(e)]))
return results
def CheckChangeOnUpload(input_api, output_api):
results = []
results.extend(_CommonChecks(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CheckStyle(input_api, output_api))
return results
def CheckChangeOnCommit(input_api, output_api):
results = []
results.extend(_CommonChecks(input_api, output_api))
input_api, output_api,
input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CheckSubversionConfig(input_api, output_api))
return results
def GetPreferredTrySlaves(project, change):
return ['linux_layout_rel', 'mac_layout_rel', 'win_layout_rel']