REGRESSION(r147612): Double/triple click selection on input[type=search] doesn't paint selection correctly.

r147612 added setNeedsLayout(true, MarkOnlyThis) for
TextControlInnerTextElement renderer. It's ok for input[type=text]
because RenderTextControlSingleLine also has needsLayout flag, and it
has only the inner text renderer as a child.

As for input[type=search], it doesn't work. Renderer structure for
input[type=search] is:

└Renderer for TextControlInnerContainer
  └Renderer for TextControlInnerElement
    └Renderer for TextControlInnerTextElement

After r147612, there is a case that only RenderTextControlSingleLine
and TextControlInnerTextElement renderer have needsLayout flag, and
others don't.  It won't trigger layout for
TextControlInnerTextElement renderer.

We should set needsLayout flags of TextControlInnerContainer renderer
and TextControlInnerElement renderer by MarkContainingBlockChain.

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