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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# IDL file lists; see:
'includes': [
'variables': {
# IDL files that are processed by the blink's code generator. The code
# generator will generate corresponding .h/.cpp files. Do not add IDL files
# which won't have .h/.cpp files.
'core_definition_idl_files': [
'core_testing_definition_idl_files': [
# IDL file lists; see:
# Interface IDL files: generate individual bindings (includes testing)
'core_interface_idl_files': [
# Write lists of main IDL files to a file, so that the command lines don't
# exceed OS length limits.
'core_idl_files_list': '<|(core_idl_files_list.tmp <@(core_definition_idl_files))',
'core_dictionary_idl_files_list': '<|(core_dictionary_idl_files_list.tmp <@(core_dictionary_idl_files) <@(core_testing_dictionary_idl_files))',
# Write a list of core IDL files which have dependency IDL files in
# modules.
'core_idl_with_modules_dependency_files_list': '<|(core_idl_with_modules_dependency_files_list.tmp <@(core_idl_with_modules_dependency_files))',
# Dependency IDL files: don't generate individual bindings, but do process
# in IDL dependency computation, and count as build dependencies
# 'core_dependency_idl_files' is already used in Source/core, so avoid
# collision
'core_all_dependency_idl_files': [
# Static IDL files / Generated IDL files
# Paths need to be passed separately for static and generated files, as
# static files are listed in a temporary file (b/c too long for command
# line), but generated files must be passed at the command line, as their
# paths are not fixed at GYP time, when the temporary file is generated,
# because their paths depend on the build directory, which varies.
'core_static_idl_files': [
'<|(core_static_idl_files_list.tmp <@(core_static_idl_files))',
'core_generated_idl_files': [
# Static IDL files
'core_static_interface_idl_files': [
'core_static_dependency_idl_files': [
# Generated IDL files
'core_generated_interface_idl_files': [
'<@(generated_webcore_testing_idl_files)', # interfaces
'core_generated_dependency_idl_files': [
'<@(core_global_constructors_generated_idl_files)', # partial interfaces