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Library CDM Interface

This directory contains files that define the shared library interface between an Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) Content Decryption Module (CDM) and Chromium or other user agents. It is used to build both user agents and CDMs.

This is also referred to as the “CDM interface” in the context of library CDM and in this doc.

TODO(xhwang): Add more sections describing the CDM interface.

Experimental and Stable CDM interface

A new CDM interface that‘s still under development is subject to change. This is called an “experimental CDM interface”. To avoid compatibility issues, a user agent should not support an experimental CDM interface by default (it’s okay to support it behind a flag). Similarly, a CDM vendor should not ship a CDM using an experimental CDM interface to end users.

The experimental status of a CDM interface ends when the development is complete and the CDM interface is marked as stable.

On newer CDM interfaces, a static boolean member kIsStable is present to indicate whether the CDM interface is stable or experimental.