ozone: Remove InitializeHardware / ShutdownHardware

There's lots of places to run init code:

  1. On platform creation
  2. On window creation
  3. On surface creation
  4. LoadEGLGLES2Bindings
  5. InitializeHardware

InitializeHardware has the least clear contract of the above, and is
only used for one platform, so let's remove it. The documentation is
also misleading, as it's not actually always called when the comment
says it should (prior to StartSandbox).

In order to call InitializeHardware, you need to actually build a
SurfaceFactoryOzone, so let's move the call there, so that the factory
is fully initialized right after creation and so initialization is
internal to the platform code. ShutdownHardware is never actually
called, so that part is easy.

TEST=ran dri & gbm on link_freon

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