NaCl: Update revision in DEPS, r13456 -> r13506

This pulls in the following Native Client changes:

r13457: (dyen) LLVM Regression tests check for build files instead of empty dirs.
r13458: (noelallen) Update and add GN files to build sel_ldr.
r13459: (jvoung) Remove env cleanser references to obsolete env vars.
r13460: (jfb) PNaCl: Update LLVM revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS
r13461: (hamaji) Non-SFI Mode: Add prctl syscall wrapper
r13462: (hamaji) Non-SFI Mode: Implement IRT fstat
r13463: (hamaji) Correct the return type of TestSuite in timefuncs_test
r13464: (hamaji) syscall_test: Do not test st_atime in the test for fstat
r13465: (earthdok) Implement initial MSan support. Also, adjust ASan build flags.
r13466: (dschuff) pnacl-ld: Do not attempt to parse ELF or bitcode files as linker scripts
r13467: (jvoung) Remove NaClSrpcIsStandalone() function.
r13468: (dschuff) Make testing architecture explicit PNaCl toolchain buildbot script
r13469: (dschuff) Stub out pnacl-opt and pnacl-finalize tools for scons built_elsewhere=1
r13470: (dschuff) Update revision for PNaCl r13392->r13466
r13471: (noelallen) Build nacl_bootstrap_helper and test with GN scons
r13472: (dschuff) Build PNaCl with mingw again
r13473: (earthdok) Zap the NaClSignalContext struct in SignalCatch.
r13474: (dschuff) Update revision for PNaCl r13466->r13472
r13475: (sehr) Munge nacl_helper_bootstrap using python rather than libelf
r13476: (sky) Changes scan_sources not to output on bogus directory
r13477: (dschuff) Reduce debugging metadata for pexe builds in Chrome
r13480: (jfb) PNaCl: Update LLVM revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS
r13481: (hidehiko) Align at 16 bytes for stack for created thread.
r13484: (jfb) Revert "Munge nacl_helper_bootstrap using python rather than libelf"
r13485: (ncbray) Fix untrusted.gypi and
r13486: (teravest) Split nacl_defines to an importable .gni file.
r13487: (dyen) Actually make package_version include logs when argument is set.
r13488: (jfb) Update revision for PNaCl r13472->r13480
r13489: (hidehiko) Wrap irt_interfaces.h by extern "C".
r13490: (hidehiko) Non-SFI Mode: Implement irt_mprotect.
r13493: (jvoung) Revert "Non-SFI Mode: Implement irt_mprotect."
r13494: (noelallen) Add per-file OWNERS for .gn in this sub directory since per-file only works on the directory the OWNERS is in.
r13495: (noelallen) Fix paths.
r13496: (noelallen) Revert of 7e955d3ab6159dc05a7f255c6daf03847809414a
r13497: (dyen) Implemented Exists for pynacl.LocalStorageCache.
r13500: (hidehiko) Non-SFI Mode: Make elf_loader usable from Chrome.
r13503: (jvoung) PNaCl: Update compiler-rt revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS
r13504: (sehr) Munge nacl_helper_bootstrap using python rather than libelf
r13505: (dschuff) Roll PNaCl toolchain revision back to r13466
r13506: (dschuff) Revert "Fix untrusted.gypi and"

TEST=browser_tests and nacl_integration
(omitting linux_rel_precise32 and linux_arm_cross_compile because they're currently broken)

This is a retry of r284531 (
The earlier problem should be fixed by r284737 (

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