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<body onload="RunTest();">
<div id="player_container"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
// <audio> or <video> player element.
var player;
// Listen for |event| from |element|, set document.title = |event| upon event.
function InstallTitleEventHandler(element, event) {
element.addEventListener(event, function(e) {
document.title = event.toUpperCase();
}, false);
function Failed() {
document.title = 'FAILED';
return false;
function SeekTestStep(e) {
player.removeEventListener('ended', SeekTestStep, false);
// Test completes on the next ended event.
InstallTitleEventHandler(player, 'ended');
player.currentTime = 0.9 * player.duration;;
function SeekTestTimeoutSetup() {
if (player.currentTime < 2)
player.removeEventListener('timeupdate', SeekTestTimeoutSetup, false);
// Uses URL query parameters to create an audio or video element using a given
// source. URL must be of the form "player.html?[tag]=[media_url]". Plays the
// media and waits for X seconds of playback or the ended event, at which point
// the test seeks near the end of the file and resumes playback. Test completes
// when the second ended event occurs or an error event occurs at any time.
function RunTest() {
var url_parts = window.location.href.split('?');
if (url_parts.length != 2)
return Failed();
var query_parts = url_parts[1].split('=');
if (query_parts.length != 2)
return Failed();
var tag = query_parts[0];
var media_url = query_parts[1];
if (tag != 'audio' && tag != 'video')
return Failed();
// Create player and insert into DOM.
player = document.createElement(tag);
player.controls = true;
// Transition to the seek test after X seconds of playback or when the ended
// event occurs, whichever happens first.
player.addEventListener('ended', SeekTestStep, false);
player.addEventListener('timeupdate', SeekTestTimeoutSetup, false);
// Ensure we percolate up any error events.
InstallTitleEventHandler(player, 'error');
// Starts the player.
player.src = media_url;;