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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/public/common/content_switches.h"
namespace switches {
// By default, file:// URIs cannot read other file:// URIs. This is an
// override for developers who need the old behavior for testing.
const char kAllowFileAccessFromFiles[] = "allow-file-access-from-files";
// Allows debugging of sandboxed processes (see
const char kAllowSandboxDebugging[] = "allow-sandbox-debugging";
// Allow compositing on chrome:// pages.
const char kAllowWebUICompositing[] = "allow-webui-compositing";
// Enumerates and prints a child process' most dangerous handles when it
// is terminated.
const char kAuditHandles[] = "enable-handle-auditing";
// The same as kAuditHandles except all handles are enumerated.
const char kAuditAllHandles[] = "enable-handle-auditing-all";
// Causes the browser process to throw an assertion on startup.
const char kBrowserAssertTest[] = "assert-test";
// Causes the browser process to crash on startup.
const char kBrowserCrashTest[] = "crash-test";
// Path to the exe to run for the renderer and plugin subprocesses.
const char kBrowserSubprocessPath[] = "browser-subprocess-path";
// Run Chrome in Chrome Frame mode. This means that Chrome expects to be run
// as a dependent process of the Chrome Frame plugin.
const char kChromeFrame[] = "chrome-frame";
// Disables client-visible 3D APIs, in particular WebGL and Pepper 3D.
// This is controlled by policy and is kept separate from the other
// enable/disable switches to avoid accidentally regressing the policy
// support for controlling access to these APIs.
const char kDisable3DAPIs[] = "disable-3d-apis";
// Disable gpu-accelerated 2d canvas.
const char kDisableAccelerated2dCanvas[] = "disable-accelerated-2d-canvas";
// Disables accelerated compositing.
const char kDisableAcceleratedCompositing[] = "disable-accelerated-compositing";
// Disables the hardware acceleration of 3D CSS and animation.
const char kDisableAcceleratedLayers[] = "disable-accelerated-layers";
// Disables the hardware acceleration of plugins.
const char kDisableAcceleratedPlugins[] = "disable-accelerated-plugins";
// Disables GPU accelerated video display.
const char kDisableAcceleratedVideo[] = "disable-accelerated-video";
// Disables the alternate window station for the renderer.
const char kDisableAltWinstation[] = "disable-winsta";
// Disable the ApplicationCache.
const char kDisableApplicationCache[] = "disable-application-cache";
// TODO(scherkus): remove --disable-audio when we have a proper fallback
// mechanism.
const char kDisableAudio[] = "disable-audio";
// Disable limits on the number of backing stores. Can prevent blinking for
// users with many windows/tabs and lots of memory.
const char kDisableBackingStoreLimit[] = "disable-backing-store-limit";
// Disables HTML5 DB support.
const char kDisableDatabases[] = "disable-databases";
// Disables data transfer items.
const char kDisableDataTransferItems[] = "disable-data-transfer-items";
// Disable deferred 2d canvas rendering.
const char kDisableDeferred2dCanvas[] = "disable-deferred-2d-canvas";
// Disables desktop notifications (default enabled on windows).
const char kDisableDesktopNotifications[] = "disable-desktop-notifications";
// Disables device orientation events.
const char kDisableDeviceOrientation[] = "disable-device-orientation";
// Disable experimental WebGL support.
const char kDisableExperimentalWebGL[] = "disable-webgl";
// Blacklist the GPU for accelerated compositing.
const char kBlacklistAcceleratedCompositing[] =
// Blacklist the GPU for WebGL.
const char kBlacklistWebGL[] = "blacklist-webgl";
// Disable FileSystem API.
const char kDisableFileSystem[] = "disable-file-system";
// Disable 3D inside of flapper.
const char kDisableFlash3d[] = "disable-flash-3d";
// Disable Stage3D inside of flapper.
const char kDisableFlashStage3d[] = "disable-flash-stage3d";
// Suppresses support for the Geolocation javascript API.
const char kDisableGeolocation[] = "disable-geolocation";
// Disable GL multisampling.
const char kDisableGLMultisampling[] = "disable-gl-multisampling";
// Do not launch the GPU process shortly after browser process launch. Instead
// launch it when it is first needed.
const char kDisableGpuProcessPrelaunch[] = "diasable-gpu-process-prelaunch";
// Disable the GPU process sandbox.
const char kDisableGpuSandbox[] = "disable-gpu-sandbox";
// Reduces the GPU process sandbox to be less strict.
const char kReduceGpuSandbox[] = "reduce-gpu-sandbox";
// Enable the GPU process sandbox (Linux/Chrome OS only for now).
const char kEnableGpuSandbox[] = "enable-gpu-sandbox";
// Suppresses hang monitor dialogs in renderer processes. This may allow slow
// unload handlers on a page to prevent the tab from closing, but the Task
// Manager can be used to terminate the offending process in this case.
const char kDisableHangMonitor[] = "disable-hang-monitor";
// Disable the use of an ImageTransportSurface. This means the GPU process
// will present the rendered page rather than the browser process.
const char kDisableImageTransportSurface[] = "disable-image-transport-surface";
// Disables GPU hardware acceleration. If software renderer is not in place,
// then the GPU process won't launch.
const char kDisableGpu[] = "disable-gpu";
// Disable the thread that crashes the GPU process if it stops responding to
// messages.
const char kDisableGpuWatchdog[] = "disable-gpu-watchdog";
// Prevent Java from running.
const char kDisableJava[] = "disable-java";
// Don't execute JavaScript (browser JS like the new tab page still runs).
const char kDisableJavaScript[] = "disable-javascript";
// Disable JavaScript I18N API.
const char kDisableJavaScriptI18NAPI[] = "disable-javascript-i18n-api";
// Disable LocalStorage.
const char kDisableLocalStorage[] = "disable-local-storage";
// Force logging to be disabled. Logging is enabled by default in debug
// builds.
const char kDisableLogging[] = "disable-logging";
// Prevent plugins from running.
const char kDisablePlugins[] = "disable-plugins";
// Disable the JavaScript Pointer Lock API.
const char kDisablePointerLock[] = "disable-pointer-lock";
// Disable pop-up blocking.
const char kDisablePopupBlocking[] = "disable-popup-blocking";
// Disables remote web font support. SVG font should always work whether this
// option is specified or not.
const char kDisableRemoteFonts[] = "disable-remote-fonts";
// Turns off the accessibility in the renderer.
const char kDisableRendererAccessibility[] = "disable-renderer-accessibility";
// Disable False Start in SSL and TLS connections.
const char kDisableSSLFalseStart[] = "disable-ssl-false-start";
// Disable smooth scrolling for testing.
const char kDisableSmoothScrolling[] = "disable-smooth-scrolling";
// Disable the seccomp sandbox (Linux only)
const char kDisableSeccompSandbox[] = "disable-seccomp-sandbox";
// Disable the seccomp filter sandbox (Linux only)
const char kDisableSeccompFilterSandbox[] = "disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox";
// Disable session storage.
const char kDisableSessionStorage[] = "disable-session-storage";
// Enable shared workers. Functionality not yet complete.
const char kDisableSharedWorkers[] = "disable-shared-workers";
// Disables site-specific tailoring to compatibility issues in WebKit.
const char kDisableSiteSpecificQuirks[] = "disable-site-specific-quirks";
// Disables speech input.
const char kDisableSpeechInput[] = "disable-speech-input";
// Enables scripted speech api.
const char kEnableScriptedSpeech[] = "enable-scripted-speech";
// TODO(primiano): Remove the two switches below when the URL becomes public.
// Specifies the webservice URL for continuous speech recognition.
const char kSpeechRecognitionWebserviceURL[] = "speech-service";
// Specifies the request key for the continuous speech recognition webservice.
const char kSpeechRecognitionWebserviceKey[] = "speech-service-key";
// Disables animation on the compositor thread.
const char kDisableThreadedAnimation[] = "disable-threaded-animation";
// Disable web audio API.
const char kDisableWebAudio[] = "disable-webaudio";
// Don't enforce the same-origin policy. (Used by people testing their sites.)
const char kDisableWebSecurity[] = "disable-web-security";
// Disable Web Sockets support.
const char kDisableWebSockets[] = "disable-web-sockets";
// Disables WebKit's XSSAuditor. The XSSAuditor mitigates reflective XSS.
const char kDisableXSSAuditor[] = "disable-xss-auditor";
// Specifies if the |DOMAutomationController| needs to be bound in the
// renderer. This binding happens on per-frame basis and hence can potentially
// be a performance bottleneck. One should only enable it when automating dom
// based tests. Also enables sending/receiving renderer automation messages
// through the |AutomationRenderViewHelper|.
// TODO(kkania): Rename this to enable-renderer-automation after moving the
// |DOMAutomationController| to the |AutomationRenderViewHelper|.
const char kDomAutomationController[] = "dom-automation";
// Enable hardware accelerated page painting.
const char kEnableAcceleratedPainting[] = "enable-accelerated-painting";
// Enable gpu-accelerated SVG/W3C filters.
const char kEnableAcceleratedFilters[] = "enable-accelerated-filters";
// Turns on extremely verbose logging of accessibility events.
const char kEnableAccessibilityLogging[] = "enable-accessibility-logging";
// Enables the creation of compositing layers for fixed position elements.
const char kEnableCompositingForFixedPosition[] =
// Enables CSS3 regions
const char kEnableCssRegions[] = "enable-css-regions";
// Enables CSS3 custom filters
const char kEnableCssShaders[] = "enable-css-shaders";
// Enables device motion events.
const char kEnableDeviceMotion[] = "enable-device-motion";
// Enables support for encrypted media. Current implementation is
// incomplete and this flag is used for development and testing.
const char kEnableEncryptedMedia[] = "enable-encrypted-media";
// Enables the fastback page cache.
const char kEnableFastback[] = "enable-fastback";
// By default, a page is laid out to fill the entire width of the window.
// This flag fixes the layout of the page to a default of 980 CSS pixels,
// or to a specified width and height using --enable-fixed-layout=w,h
const char kEnableFixedLayout[] = "enable-fixed-layout";
// Enable the JavaScript Full Screen API.
const char kDisableFullScreen[] = "disable-fullscreen";
// Enable the JavaScript Pointer Lock API.
const char kEnablePointerLock[] = "enable-pointer-lock";
// Enable the Gamepad API
const char kEnableGamepad[] = "enable-gamepad";
// Enables the GPU benchmarking extension
const char kEnableGpuBenchmarking[] = "enable-gpu-benchmarking";
// Force logging to be enabled. Logging is disabled by default in release
// builds.
const char kEnableLogging[] = "enable-logging";
// Enables Media Source API on <audio>/<video> elements.
const char kEnableMediaSource[] = "enable-media-source";
// Enable media stream in WebKit.
const char kEnablePeerConnection[] = "enable-peer-connection";
// On Windows, converts the page to the currently-installed monitor profile.
// This does NOT enable color management for images. The source is still
// assumed to be sRGB.
const char kEnableMonitorProfile[] = "enable-monitor-profile";
// Enables partial swaps in the WK compositor on platforms that support it.
const char kEnablePartialSwap[] = "enable-partial-swap";
// Enables touch-screen pinch gestures.
const char kEnablePinch[] = "enable-pinch";
// Enable caching of pre-parsed JS script data. See
const char kEnablePreparsedJsCaching[] = "enable-preparsed-js-caching";
// Enable privileged WebGL extensions; without this switch such extensions are
// available only to Chrome extensions.
const char kEnablePrivilegedWebGLExtensions[] =
// Aggressively free GPU command buffers belonging to hidden tabs.
const char kEnablePruneGpuCommandBuffers[] =
// Enable renderer side mixing and low latency audio path for media elements.
const char kEnableRendererSideMixing[] = "enable-renderer-side-mixing";
// Enables TLS cached info extension.
const char kEnableSSLCachedInfo[] = "enable-ssl-cached-info";
// Cause the OS X sandbox write to syslog every time an access to a resource
// is denied by the sandbox.
const char kEnableSandboxLogging[] = "enable-sandbox-logging";
// Enable the seccomp sandbox (Linux only)
const char kEnableSeccompSandbox[] = "enable-seccomp-sandbox";
// Enable shadow DOM API
const char kEnableShadowDOM[] = "enable-shadow-dom";
// Enable <style scoped>
const char kEnableStyleScoped[] = "enable-style-scoped";
// On platforms that support it, enables smooth scroll animation.
const char kEnableSmoothScrolling[] = "enable-smooth-scrolling";
// Enables StatsTable, logging statistics to a global named shared memory table.
const char kEnableStatsTable[] = "enable-stats-table";
// Experimentally ensures that each renderer process:
// 1) Only handles rendering for a single page.
// (Note that a page can reference content from multiple origins due to images,
// iframes, etc).
// 2) Only has authority to see or use cookies for the page's top-level origin.
// (So if iframe's, the network request will be sent without
// cookies).
// This is expected to break compatibility with many pages for now.
const char kEnableStrictSiteIsolation[] = "enable-strict-site-isolation";
// Enable multithreaded GPU compositing of web content.
const char kEnableThreadedCompositing[] = "enable-threaded-compositing";
// Disable multithreaded GPU compositing of web content.
const char kDisableThreadedCompositing[] = "disable-threaded-compositing";
// Enable use of experimental TCP sockets API for sending data in the
// SYN packet.
const char kEnableTcpFastOpen[] = "enable-tcp-fastopen";
// Enables hardware acceleration of video decode, where available.
const char kEnableAcceleratedVideoDecode[] = "enable-accelerated-video-decode";
// Enables support for video tracks. Current implementation is
// incomplete and this flag is used for development and testing.
const char kEnableVideoTrack[] = "enable-video-track";
// Enables the use of the viewport meta tag, which allows
// pages to control aspects of their own layout. This also turns on touch-screen
// pinch gestures.
const char kEnableViewport[] = "enable-viewport";
// Enables experimental features for the geolocation API.
// Current features:
// - CoreLocation support for Mac OS X 10.6
// - Gateway location for Linux and Windows
// - Location platform support for Windows 7
const char kExperimentalLocationFeatures[] = "experimental-location-features";
// Load NPAPI plugins from the specified directory.
const char kExtraPluginDir[] = "extra-plugin-dir";
// If accelerated compositing is supported, always enter compositing mode for
// the base layer even when compositing is not strictly required.
const char kForceCompositingMode[] = "force-compositing-mode";
// This flag disables force compositing mode and prevents it from being enabled
// via field trials.
const char kDisableForceCompositingMode[] = "disable-force-compositing-mode";
// Some field trials may be randomized in the browser, and the randomly selected
// outcome needs to be propagated to the renderer. For instance, this is used
// to modify histograms recorded in the renderer, or to get the renderer to
// also set of its state (initialize, or not initialize components) to match the
// experiment(s). The option is also useful for forcing field trials when
// testing changes locally. The argument is a list of name and value pairs,
// separated by slashes. See FieldTrialList::CreateTrialsFromString() in
// field_trial.h for details.
const char kForceFieldTrials[] = "force-fieldtrials";
// Force renderer accessibility to be on instead of enabling it on demand when
// a screen reader is detected. The disable-renderer-accessibility switch
// overrides this if present.
const char kForceRendererAccessibility[] = "force-renderer-accessibility";
// Passes gpu device_id from browser process to GPU process.
const char kGpuDeviceID[] = "gpu-device-id";
// Passes gpu driver_vendor from browser process to GPU process.
const char kGpuDriverVendor[] = "gpu-driver-vendor";
// Passes gpu driver_version from browser process to GPU process.
const char kGpuDriverVersion[] = "gpu-driver-version";
// Extra command line options for launching the GPU process (normally used
// for debugging). Use like renderer-cmd-prefix.
const char kGpuLauncher[] = "gpu-launcher";
// Makes this process a GPU sub-process.
const char kGpuProcess[] = "gpu-process";
// Causes the GPU process to display a dialog on launch.
const char kGpuStartupDialog[] = "gpu-startup-dialog";
// Passes gpu vendor_id from browser process to GPU process.
const char kGpuVendorID[] = "gpu-vendor-id";
// Used in conjunction with kRendererProcess. This causes the process
// to run as a guest renderer instead of a regular renderer.
const char kGuestRenderer[] = "guest-renderer";
// Run the GPU process as a thread in the browser process.
const char kInProcessGPU[] = "in-process-gpu";
// Runs plugins inside the renderer process
const char kInProcessPlugins[] = "in-process-plugins";
// Runs WebGL inside the renderer process.
const char kInProcessWebGL[] = "in-process-webgl";
// Specifies the flags passed to JS engine
const char kJavaScriptFlags[] = "js-flags";
// Load an NPAPI plugin from the specified path.
const char kLoadPlugin[] = "load-plugin";
// Sets the minimum log level. Valid values are from 0 to 3:
// INFO = 0, WARNING = 1, LOG_ERROR = 2, LOG_FATAL = 3.
const char kLoggingLevel[] = "log-level";
// Make plugin processes log their sent and received messages to VLOG(1).
const char kLogPluginMessages[] = "log-plugin-messages";
// Causes the process to run as a NativeClient broker
// (used for launching NaCl loader processes on 64-bit Windows).
const char kNaClBrokerProcess[] = "nacl-broker";
// Causes the process to run as a NativeClient loader.
const char kNaClLoaderProcess[] = "nacl-loader";
// Don't send HTTP-Referer headers.
const char kNoReferrers[] = "no-referrers";
// Disables the sandbox for all process types that are normally sandboxed.
const char kNoSandbox[] = "no-sandbox";
// Specifies a command that should be used to launch the plugin process. Useful
// for running the plugin process through purify or quantify. Ex:
// --plugin-launcher="path\to\purify /Run=yes"
const char kPluginLauncher[] = "plugin-launcher";
// Tells the plugin process the path of the plugin to load
const char kPluginPath[] = "plugin-path";
// Causes the process to run as a plugin subprocess.
const char kPluginProcess[] = "plugin";
// Causes the plugin process to display a dialog on launch.
const char kPluginStartupDialog[] = "plugin-startup-dialog";
// Argument to the process type that indicates a PPAPI broker process type.
const char kPpapiBrokerProcess[] = "ppapi-broker";
// Runs PPAPI (Pepper) plugins out-of-process.
const char kPpapiOutOfProcess[] = "ppapi-out-of-process";
// Like kPluginLauncher for PPAPI plugins.
const char kPpapiPluginLauncher[] = "ppapi-plugin-launcher";
// Argument to the process type that indicates a PPAPI plugin process type.
const char kPpapiPluginProcess[] = "ppapi";
// Causes the PPAPI sub process to display a dialog on launch.
const char kPpapiStartupDialog[] = "ppapi-startup-dialog";
// Runs a single process for each site (i.e., group of pages from the same
// registered domain) the user visits. We default to using a renderer process
// for each site instance (i.e., group of pages from the same registered
// domain with script connections to each other).
const char kProcessPerSite[] = "process-per-site";
// Runs each set of script-connected tabs (i.e., a BrowsingInstance) in its own
// renderer process. We default to using a renderer process for each
// site instance (i.e., group of pages from the same registered domain with
// script connections to each other).
const char kProcessPerTab[] = "process-per-tab";
// The value of this switch determines whether the process is started as a
// renderer or plugin host. If it's empty, it's the browser.
const char kProcessType[] = "type";
// Register Pepper plugins (see for its format).
const char kRegisterPepperPlugins[] = "register-pepper-plugins";
// Enables remote debug over HTTP on the specified port.
const char kRemoteDebuggingPort[] = "remote-debugging-port";
// Causes the renderer process to throw an assertion on launch.
const char kRendererAssertTest[] = "renderer-assert-test";
#if defined(OS_POSIX)
// Causes the renderer process to cleanly exit via calling exit().
const char kRendererCleanExit[] = "renderer-clean-exit";
// On POSIX only: the contents of this flag are prepended to the renderer
// command line. Useful values might be "valgrind" or "xterm -e gdb --args".
const char kRendererCmdPrefix[] = "renderer-cmd-prefix";
// Causes the process to run as renderer instead of as browser.
const char kRendererProcess[] = "renderer";
// Overrides the default/calculated limit to the number of renderer processes.
// Very high values for this setting can lead to high memory/resource usage
// or instability.
const char kRendererProcessLimit[] = "renderer-process-limit";
// Causes the renderer process to display a dialog on launch.
const char kRendererStartupDialog[] = "renderer-startup-dialog";
// Causes the process to run as a service process.
const char kServiceProcess[] = "service";
// Renders a border around composited Render Layers to help debug and study
// layer compositing.
const char kShowCompositedLayerBorders[] = "show-composited-layer-borders";
// Draws a textual dump of the compositor layer tree to help debug and study
// layer compositing.
const char kShowCompositedLayerTree[] = "show-composited-layer-tree";
// Draws a FPS indicator
const char kShowFPSCounter[] = "show-fps-counter";
// Visibly render a border around paint rects in the web page to help debug
// and study painting behavior.
const char kShowPaintRects[] = "show-paint-rects";
// Runs the renderer and plugins in the same process as the browser
const char kSingleProcess[] = "single-process";
// Skip gpu info collection, blacklist loading, and blacklist auto-update
// scheduling at browser startup time.
// Therefore, all GPU features are available, and about:gpu page shows empty
// content. The switch is intended only for tests.
const char kSkipGpuDataLoading[] = "skip-gpu-data-loading";
// Runs the security test for the renderer sandbox.
const char kTestSandbox[] = "test-sandbox";
// Causes TRACE_EVENT flags to be recorded from startup. Optionally, can
// specify the specific trace categories to include (e.g.
// --trace-startup=base,net) otherwise, all events are recorded. Setting this
// flag results in the first call to BeginTracing() to receive all trace events
// since startup. In Chrome, you may find --trace-startup-file and
// --trace-startup-duration to control the auto-saving of the trace (not
// supported in the base-only TraceLog component).
const char kTraceStartup[] = "trace-startup";
// If supplied, sets the file which startup tracing will be stored into, if
// omitted the default will be used "chrometrace.log" in the current directory.
// Has no effect unless --trace-startup is also supplied.
// Example: --trace-startup --trace-startup-file=/tmp/trace_event.log
// As a special case, can be set to 'none' - this disables automatically saving
// the result to a file and the first manually recorded trace will then receive
// all events since startup.
const char kTraceStartupFile[] = "trace-startup-file";
// Sets the time in seconds until startup tracing ends. If omitted a default of
// 5 seconds is used. Has no effect without --trace-startup, or if
// --startup-trace-file=none was supplied.
const char kTraceStartupDuration[] = "trace-startup-duration";
// Prioritizes the UI's command stream in the GPU process
extern const char kUIPrioritizeInGpuProcess[] =
// A string used to override the default user agent with a custom one.
const char kUserAgent[] = "user-agent";
// On POSIX only: the contents of this flag are prepended to the utility
// process command line. Useful values might be "valgrind" or "xterm -e gdb
// --args".
const char kUtilityCmdPrefix[] = "utility-cmd-prefix";
// Causes the process to run as a utility subprocess.
const char kUtilityProcess[] = "utility";
// The utility process is sandboxed, with access to one directory. This flag
// specifies the directory that can be accessed.
const char kUtilityProcessAllowedDir[] = "utility-allowed-dir";
// Will add kWaitForDebugger to every child processes. If a value is passed, it
// will be used as a filter to determine if the child process should have the
// kWaitForDebugger flag passed on or not.
const char kWaitForDebuggerChildren[] = "wait-for-debugger-children";
// Choose which logging channels in WebCore to activate. See
// Logging.cpp in WebKit's WebCore for a list of available channels.
const char kWebCoreLogChannels[] = "webcore-log-channels";
// Causes the worker process allocation to use as many processes as cores.
const char kWebWorkerProcessPerCore[] = "web-worker-process-per-core";
// Causes workers to run together in one process, depending on their domains.
// Note this is duplicated in
const char kWebWorkerShareProcesses[] = "web-worker-share-processes";
// Causes the process to run as a worker subprocess.
const char kWorkerProcess[] = "worker";
// The prefix used when starting the zygote process. (i.e. 'gdb --args')
const char kZygoteCmdPrefix[] = "zygote-cmd-prefix";
// Causes the process to run as a renderer zygote.
const char kZygoteProcess[] = "zygote";
// Enables moving cursor by word in visual order.
const char kEnableVisualWordMovement[] = "enable-visual-word-movement";
#if defined(OS_POSIX) && !defined(OS_MACOSX)
// Specify the amount the trackpad should scroll by.
const char kScrollPixels[] = "scroll-pixels";
#if defined(OS_MACOSX) || defined(OS_WIN)
// Use the system SSL library (Secure Transport on Mac, SChannel on Windows)
// instead of NSS for SSL.
const char kUseSystemSSL[] = "use-system-ssl";
// Enable per-tile page painting.
const char kEnablePerTilePainting[] = "enable-per-tile-painting";
// Disables the use of a 3D software rasterizer.
const char kDisableSoftwareRasterizer[] = "disable-software-rasterizer";
#if defined(USE_AURA)
// Configures the time after a GestureFlingCancel in which taps are cancelled.
extern const char kFlingTapSuppressMaxDown[] = "fling-tap-suppress-max-down";
// Maximum time between mousedown and mouseup to be considered a tap.
extern const char kFlingTapSuppressMaxGap[] = "fling-tap-suppress-max-gap";
// Forces usage of the test compositor. Needed to run ui tests on bots.
extern const char kTestCompositor[] = "test-compositor";
// Sets the tile size used by composited layers.
const char kDefaultTileWidth[] = "default-tile-width";
const char kDefaultTileHeight[] = "default-tile-height";
// Sets the width and height above which a composited layer will get tiled.
const char kMaxUntiledLayerWidth[] = "max-untiled-layer-width";
const char kMaxUntiledLayerHeight[] = "max-untiled-layer-height";
const char kFixedPositionCreatesStackingContext[]
= "fixed-position-creates-stacking-context";
} // namespace switches