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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This is all.gyp file for Android to prevent breakage in Android and other
# platform; It will be churning a lot in the short term and eventually be merged
# into all.gyp.
'targets': [
'target_name': 'All',
'type': 'none',
'dependencies': [
}, # target_name: All
# The current list of tests for android. This is temporary
# until the full set supported. If adding a new test here,
# please also add it to build/android/, else the
# test is not run.
# Do not add targets here without communicating the implications
# on tryserver triggers and load. Discuss with jrg please.
'target_name': 'android_builder_tests',
'type': 'none',
'dependencies': [
# From here down: not added to yet.
# Required by ui_unittests.
# TODO(wangxianzhu): It'd better let ui_unittests depend on it, but
# this would cause circular gyp dependency which needs refactoring the
# gyps to resolve.
'conditions': [
['"<(gtest_target_type)"=="shared_library"', {
'dependencies': [
# The first item is simply the template. We add as a dep
# to make sure it builds in ungenerated form. TODO(jrg):
# once stable, transition to a test-only (optional)
# target.
# Unit test bundles packaged as an apk.
# Experimental / in-progress targets that are expected to fail
# but we still try to compile them on bots (turning the stage
# orange, not red).
'target_name': 'android_experimental',
'type': 'none',
'dependencies': [
# In-progress targets that are expected to fail and are NOT run
# on any bot.
'target_name': 'android_in_progress',
'type': 'none',
'dependencies': [
], # targets