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VERSION and LICENSE information
For more information about Cygwin, see
The Cygwin licensing terms are defined in CYGWIN_LICENSE. Cygwin is licensed
under the GNU public license, a copy of which is in GPLv2.txt.
The binaries are built from Cygwin version 1.5.25.
The source files are included in trunk\deps\third_party\cygwin_src. These are
not downloaded with the default gclient configuration, but you can get them
directly from the svn server you used to get this source.
This contains the necessary Cygwin files to build WebKit. A filemon trace
during a build showed which files from cygwin\build are needed.
The first change is a binary modification to cygwin1.dll so that /, /bin,
/usr etc point to third_party\cygwin. Normally cygwin reads the mounts from
HKCU\Software\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2. We trick it into using
version 0, which was never used, by binary editing cygwin1.dll. This lets
cygwin start without any mounts even if the user already has cygwin installed.
setup_mount.bat lets us add these mounts to point to the user's
third_party\cygwin directory.
The second change is to modify the name of the shared memory structures, so
that if another cygwin (of a different version) is running, these two don't
The binary modifications to cygwin1.dll were:
replacing "mounts v2" with "mounts v0" (two places)
replacing "mount registry: 2" with "mount registry: 0"
replacing "cygwin1S4" with "cygwin0S4"
These can be replayed by running "cygwin_src\changes\" on cygwin1.dll
that's in cygwin_src.