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<title>Contributing to FindBugs</title>
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<h1>Contributing to FindBugs</h1>
<p> If you have a bug fix or feature enhancement you would like to contribute,
we would be happy to consider it for inclusion.</p>
<h2>Import FindBugs code as Eclipse projects</h2>
<p>The preferred way to get the FindBugs source code and create the patch is to use Eclipse + Git.
You can easily import FindBugs code into Eclipse by following the steps described
here: <a href="">Import Eclipse projects</a>
<h2>Preparing a patch</h2>
<p> The best way to create a patch is to clone FindBugs Git repository here:
<a href=""></a>,
commit changes with descriptive commit messages (small commits are better) and
create a new <a href="">bug</a>
or <a href="">feature request</a>
with the "[patch]" prefix in the title and link to your repository in the description.
<p> Please follow these guidelines when preparing your patch:</p>
<li> <b>Use the same indentation style as the source file(s) you
are modifying</b>. In particular, please use spaces
to indent your code; four spaces per indent level.
<li> If at all possible, avoid making whitespace modifications.
<li> Small patches/changesets are appreciated.
<li> If you have lot of changes, try to group them by small commits with descriptive messages.
<li> If you have multiple patches, create <b>branch per patch</b>.
<li> All new files should contain proper license header (<a href="">Lesser GNU Public License</a>).
<li> If you are submitting a new bug detector, please submit a small
standalone source file that contains an instance of the
kind of bug the detector looks for. The file should be placed at
<a href="">findbugsTestCases/src/java/sfBugsNew</a>
package and named after the bug or feature you are addressing.
<p> Following these guidelines makes it much easier for us
to incorporate new code.
<h2>Where to submit a patch</h2>
<p> Patches may be submitted through the
<a href="">bug</a>
or <a href="">feature request</a> trackers on the
<a href="">sourceforge project page</a>.
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