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<title>FindBugs&trade; Fact Sheet</title>
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<h1>FindBugs&trade; Fact Sheet</h1>
<p> FindBugs looks for bugs in Java programs.&nbsp; It is based
on the concept of <i>bug patterns</i>.&nbsp; A bug pattern is a code
idiom that is often an error.&nbsp; Bug patterns arise for a variety
of reasons:
<li> Difficult language features
<li> Misunderstood API methods
<li> Misunderstood invariants when code is modified during maintenance
<li> Garden variety mistakes: typos, use of the wrong boolean operator
<p> FindBugs uses <i>static analysis</i> to inspect Java bytecode
for occurrences of bug patterns.&nbsp;
Static analysis means that FindBugs can find bugs by simply inspecting
a program's code: executing the program is not necessary.&nbsp;
This makes FindBugs very easy to use: in general, you should be
able to use it to look for bugs in your code within a few minutes of downloading it.&nbsp;
FindBugs works by analyzing Java bytecode (compiled class files),
so you don't even need the program's source code to use it.&nbsp;
Because its analysis is
sometimes imprecise, FindBugs can report <i>false warnings</i>,
which are warnings that do not indicate real errors.&nbsp;
In practice, the rate of false warnings reported by FindBugs
is less than 50%.
FindBugs supports a plugin architecture allowing anyone to add new
bug detectors.&nbsp; The <a href="publications.html">publications page</a>
contains links to articles describing how to write a new detector
for FindBugs.&nbsp; If you are familiar with Java bytecode
you can write a new FindBugs detector in as little as a few minutes.
<p> FindBugs is free software, available under the terms of the
<a href="">Lesser GNU Public License</a>.&nbsp;
It is written in Java, and can be run with any virtual machine compatible
with Sun's JDK 1.5.&nbsp; It can analyze programs written for any version
of Java.&nbsp; FindBugs was originally developed by Bill Pugh and David Hovemeyer.&nbsp;
It is maintained by Bill Pugh, and
a <a href="team.html">team of volunteers</a>.
<p> FindBugs uses <a href="">BCEL</a> to
analyze Java bytecode.&nbsp;
As of version 1.1, FindBugs also supports bug detectors written using
the <a href="">ASM</a> bytecode framework.&nbsp;
FindBugs uses <a href="">dom4j</a>
for XML manipulation.
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