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<?xml version='1.0'?>
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""
<!-- build.xml will substitute the real path to chunk.xsl here. -->
<xsl:import href="/Users/pugh/tools/docbook-xsl-1.78.1/html/chunk.xsl"/>
<xsl:template name="user.header.content">
<!-- This causes the stylesheet to put chapters in a single HTML file,
rather than putting individual sections into separate files. -->
<xsl:variable name="chunk.section.depth">0</xsl:variable>
<!-- Put the HTML in the "manual" directory. -->
<xsl:variable name="base.dir">manual/</xsl:variable>
<!-- Enumerate sections. -->
<xsl:variable name="section.autolabel">1</xsl:variable>
<!-- Name the HTML files based on the id of the document elements. -->
<xsl:variable name="">1</xsl:variable>
<!-- Use graphics in admonitions -->
<xsl:variable name="">1</xsl:variable>
<!-- Admonition graphics are in the same place as the generated HTML. -->
<xsl:variable name=""></xsl:variable>
<!-- Just put chapters and sect1s in the TOC. -->
<xsl:variable name="toc.section.depth">1</xsl:variable>