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Create a directory that contains exactly all the files to upload. For example: findbugs-1.3.6-rc3.tar.gz
cd to that directory
sftp username,
sftp> cd /home/frs/project/f/fi/findbugs/findbugs/RELEASE
sftp> mput findbugs-*
sftp> cd "../../findbugs eclipse plugin/RELEASE
fstp> mput edu.* eclipsePlugin*
fstp> quit
Add releases via:
release daily/candidate/final eclipse plugins
From findbugs directory, do:
rsync -avz web/ username,
For a full release, make a branch in the svn repository:
svn copy "" ""
For a release candidate, send email to findbugs-discuss and findbugs-core. For a full release, send email to findbugs-announce.