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<title>Reporting Bugs in FindBugs</title>
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<h1>Reporting Bugs in FindBugs</h1>
First of all, if you find a bug in FindBugs, and have the
skills to fix it, we encourage you to unleash the power of open source and
<a href="contributing.html">send us a patch</a>.&nbsp; We will gladly
credit you on our website and in the manual.
Please report bugs using the
<a href="">Sourceforge
bugs tracker</a>.&nbsp; Note that you need to be logged in to sourceforge to
use the bug tracker.
If you cannot use the Sourceforge tracker, you can try sending
email to the <a href=""
>findbugs-discuss mailing list</a>.&nbsp; You must be subscribed
to the list to post a message.
Finally, as a last resort, you can email <a href=""></a>.&nbsp;
However, such emails are much less likely to be handled in a timely manner than
posts to the tracker or mailing list.
<h2>False and Inaccurate Warnings</h2>
Like most bug-detection tools based on static analysis, FindBugs
issues some warnings that do not correspond to real bugs.&nbsp;
While in general we would like to make the percentage of such warnings
small, we can never fully eliminate them.
<h2>Information to include</h2>
When reporting a bug, please include the following information:
<li>Complete list of steps to reproduce the problem</li>
<li>If the error occurs during analysis, a jar file, class file,
or self-contained Java class that demonstrates the problem</li>
<li>FindBugs version</li>
<li>JDK/JRE version</li>
<li>Host operating system</li>
<li>Any exception traces, Eclipse error log entries, etc. that might
be relevant</li>
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