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<title>FindBugs sourceInfo file</title>
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<h1>FindBugs sourceInfo file</h1>
<p>The FindBugs analysis engine can be invoked with an optional sourceInfo
file. This file gives line number ranges for classes, files and methods. This
information is an alternative to getting line number information
from the classfiles for methods. Since classfiles only contain line number
for methods, without a sourceInfo file we can't provide line numbers for fields,
and for classes we just use the line numbers of the methods in the class.
<p>The first line of the file should be
sourceInfo version 1.0
<p>Following that are a series of lines, each describing a class, field, or method. For each, a starting and ending line number is provided. For example, the following sourceInfo file:
sourceInfo version 1.0
provides the following information about the class a.C:
<li> fields x and y are both declared on line 4.
<li> the method <code>int f(int)</code> is defined on line 5.
<li> the method <code>int g(Object)</code> is defined on lines 6-7.
<li> the void constructor for a.C is defined on line 8.
The classnames should be the same format as used by Class.getName():
packages are separated by ., inner class names are separated by $.
Thus, if the class a.C had an inner class X and it was onb lines 10-15 of the file, the sourceInfo file might contain:
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