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Review date: 18 December 2008
Review by: Kelvin Eldridge
Release: V2.2.2
Released for: 2.x
Copyright: This work is licensed LGPL V3. If you redistribute these files please provide a link
to the creator's site
This work is not to be converted to GPL. If you do not accept this condition please do not use
these files.
Disclaimer: The dictionary files are not warranted to be suitable for any particular purpose
or to be error free.
Your use of the dictionary files indicates your acceptance to take full responsibility
for using the files. You agree the full claim possible is the amount you paid for the
dictionary files, which of course is zero.
Comment: The FREE LGPL version of the dictionary file is based on version 2.2.1.
The latest version of the dictionary can be found at
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Australian English spell check
The FREE LGPL version is provided and is the full dictionary. In addition for clients
and customers of JustLocal, Online Connections and those using the services of Virtual
Profit Sharing partners, the latest free, but copyright, version is available.
Two versions of the Australian English spellcheck dictionary files are available.
The full version and the Kelvin version.
The Kelvin version aims to simplify the Australian English language by providing
the single preferred spelling of a word where there are multiple spellings.
For example the "ize" words often incorrectly considered American spelling have
been removed from the Kelvin version.
The full version is equivalent to a descriptive dictionary which is the common
form of printed dictionary. With the dictionary it is up to you to decide which
spelling of words such as organise/organize, focused/focussed you prefer.
The Kelvin version is equivalent to a prescriptive dictionary which guides you
as to the preferred spelling in Australia. The Kelvin dictionary presents you
only with the preferred version of the spelling as being correct. That is organise
and focused are correct, and organize and focussed are considered incorrect. The
Kelvin version leads to consistent use of spelling within a document.
The choice is yours as to which dictionary you prefer.
The dictionary file itself is copyright as well as this file.
Included with this file are a number of files which enable the dictionary to be used with programs
such as and Mozilla projects.
Affix file
Thanks to David Bartlett and Andrew Brown for making the .aff file available.
The affix file is currently a duplicate of the en_AU.aff
created completely from scratch by David Bartlett and
Andrew Brown, based on the published
rules for MySpell and is provided under the LGPL.
Fixed error on 1068 line from SFZ to SFX.
If you find omissions or bugs please let me know.
If you wish to suggest new words to be added to the dictionary, please assist by first fully
researching the words before providing them.
You can contact me using the form available on the dictionary page.
Visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Australian English
spellcheck dictionary files. On this page is a form you can use to contact me.
The form is the best way to contact me as it ensures I receive your information. I receive thousands
of undesirable emails as year and whilst I visually check the summary of all emails, sending an
email direct could end up with your email being treated as potential spam or malware.
If you wish to be notified when the dictionary files are updated, you can use the form and provide
your details and I will add you to the JustLocal mailing list.
Kelvin Eldridge
JustLocal (An Online Connections service.)