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// © 2018 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/numberformatter.h"
#include "unicode/numberrangeformatter.h"
#include "unicode/simpleformatter.h"
#include "number_types.h"
#include "number_decimalquantity.h"
#include "number_formatimpl.h"
#include "number_stringbuilder.h"
U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN namespace number {
namespace impl {
* Class similar to UFormattedNumberData.
* Has incomplete magic number logic that will need to be finished
* if this is to be exposed as C API in the future.
struct UFormattedNumberRangeData : public UMemory {
// The magic number to identify incoming objects.
// Reads in ASCII as "FDR" (FormatteDnumberRange with room at the end)
static constexpr int32_t kMagic = 0x46445200;
// Data members:
int32_t fMagic = kMagic;
DecimalQuantity quantity1;
DecimalQuantity quantity2;
NumberStringBuilder string;
UNumberRangeIdentityResult identityResult = UNUM_IDENTITY_RESULT_COUNT;
// No C conversion methods (no C API yet)
class StandardPluralRanges : public UMemory {
void initialize(const Locale& locale, UErrorCode& status);
StandardPlural::Form resolve(StandardPlural::Form first, StandardPlural::Form second) const;
/** Used for data loading. */
void addPluralRange(
StandardPlural::Form first,
StandardPlural::Form second,
StandardPlural::Form result);
/** Used for data loading. */
void setCapacity(int32_t length);
struct StandardPluralRangeTriple {
StandardPlural::Form first;
StandardPlural::Form second;
StandardPlural::Form result;
// TODO: An array is simple here, but it results in linear lookup time.
// Certain locales have 20-30 entries in this list.
// Consider changing to a smarter data structure.
typedef MaybeStackArray<StandardPluralRangeTriple, 3> PluralRangeTriples;
PluralRangeTriples fTriples;
int32_t fTriplesLen = 0;
class NumberRangeFormatterImpl : public UMemory {
NumberRangeFormatterImpl(const RangeMacroProps& macros, UErrorCode& status);
void format(UFormattedNumberRangeData& data, bool equalBeforeRounding, UErrorCode& status) const;
NumberFormatterImpl formatterImpl1;
NumberFormatterImpl formatterImpl2;
bool fSameFormatters;
UNumberRangeCollapse fCollapse;
UNumberRangeIdentityFallback fIdentityFallback;
SimpleFormatter fRangeFormatter;
SimpleModifier fApproximatelyModifier;
StandardPluralRanges fPluralRanges;
void formatSingleValue(UFormattedNumberRangeData& data,
MicroProps& micros1, MicroProps& micros2,
UErrorCode& status) const;
void formatApproximately(UFormattedNumberRangeData& data,
MicroProps& micros1, MicroProps& micros2,
UErrorCode& status) const;
void formatRange(UFormattedNumberRangeData& data,
MicroProps& micros1, MicroProps& micros2,
UErrorCode& status) const;
const Modifier& resolveModifierPlurals(const Modifier& first, const Modifier& second) const;
} // namespace impl
} // namespace number
#endif /* #if !UCONFIG_NO_FORMATTING */