Intergrate Cast Audio icudtl.dat generation into chromium process.

Our Cast Audio devices use a stripped down version of the android
icudtl.dat. Essentially the has been modified to keep in
things provided by Java, as cast doesn't have Java and needs there

On the other hand, a bunch of resources have been stripped from the
icudtl.dat to reduce its size because we are very constrained on that.

We have been using this icudtl.dat process for a long time now, and it's
throughly validated. However, we used to generate this in our internal
repo, which meant that we have to manually update it whenever chromium
updates their icudtl.dat.

This CL aims to intergrate the generation of the icudtl.dat in chromium,
so we no longer have to manually update in our internal repo.

Bug: internal b/28053340
Test: On cast audio device

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