Add more locale variants

Make the locale variant support more uniform across locale
categories. What's supported in the main locale categories (data/locales)
are added to data/{unit,curr} as well. The list of locales in data/zone
is not yet updated.

Moreover, sr and sw variants are added to data/{locales,unit,curr}.

The cast removal list is simplified using 'glob' pattern instead of
listing individual files for curr and unit categories.

The data size is still under control on most platforms. They're actually
smaller than the first ICU 63.1 update thanks to additional trimming in
zone/unit categories except on desktop (59kB increase).

 Initial 63.1  This CL   Platform
  6375056       6353648  android
  4916608       4745488  cast
 10268240      10324816  common
   880512        880928  flutter
  6361376       6313376  ios,,
Change-Id: I21dc5ec752795f485cfeb64ab1eb7eb8b23f3991
Bug: 863739
Test: {base,components,net}_unittests, blink, v8(intl/*,test262/intl402)
Reviewed-by: Jungshik Shin <>
14 files changed