Add 32 more locales for Android

Copy the old filters/android.json to filters/android_small.json
Copy the old android/icudtl.dat to android_small/icudtl.dat
Add 32 locales to filters/android.json and rebuild.
Change the to use android_small for now.

af az eu fr-CA gl hy is ka kk km ky lo mk mn my ne
pa si sq ur uz zh-HK zu
bn et gu kn ml mr ms ta te

Compare to android/icudtl.dat. It increase 1.28M.
 7746368 android/icudtl.dat
 6406288 android_small/icudtl.dat

Bug: 951636
Change-Id: I4c4f43add3c76adf5da215342ec4460bbaf2de87
Reviewed-by: Jungshik Shin <>
9 files changed