Adjust calendar locale data trimming on Andorid

On Android, add Islamic calendar to Arabic and Farsi locales
and Indian calendar to Hindi locale. Also add both variants
of Ethiopic calendars to am/root.

There was a 'typo' in the locale trimming script for Android
('arabic' instead of 'islamic' was specified.). As a result,
Date formatting in ar-SA (where the default calendar is
Islamic) failed for the lack of locale data.

Add back calendar entries to data/locales/root.txt. They're
necessary to support locale-specific calendars on Android
(e.g. islamic on ar/fa, japanese on ja, hebrew on he, etc).

Adjust the drop list for the data file for cast. More
locale variants have been added since it's made. Drop
locale bundles for newly added variants.

Drop zone/unit data for 8 locales Android Chrome does not
yet support. This saves over 100 kB.

For all platforms, drop a few more items not yet used in

With this change, the net data size decreased on all platforms,
paving the way to add more locale variants in a subsequent CL.

    Previous   This CL  Platform
     6375056   6235856  android
     4916608   4714896  cast
    10268240  10258960  common
      880512    879104  flutter
     6361376   6195600  ios,
Bug: v8:8432
Test: v8: intl/regress-8432-*
Change-Id: Iafd94c08ea4e88b33aed4724309636c3e224bdc2
Reviewed-by: Jungshik Shin <>
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