Update ICU to 61.1 + local patches

What's new in ICU 61.1:
  - CLDR 33 (locale data; http://cldr.unicode.org/index/downloads/cldr-33 )
  - A new number formatting API
  - Rewrote U8_NEXT
  - See http://site.icu-project.org/download/61 for more details.

The update steps are recorded in

On top of the above, IANA timezone db was updated once more to the
latest 2018e (released on May 4th).

The list of local changes are:

* Update the currency list. For desktop, include all the national
  currencies (see https://bugs.chromium.org/p/v8/issues/detail?id=7472 )

* Clean up disabled warning list in BUILD.gn/icu.gyp

* Fix clang on Windows and MSVC build failures

* Rebuild the data files
   Size is reduced by ~100kB for non-desktop.
   Desktop(common): increase by 90kB

    6,386,176 android/icudtl.dat  (6,502,048)
    4,929,248 cast/icudtl.dat     (5,032,368)
   10,264,208 common/icudtl.dat  (10,171,920)
    6,372,480 ios/icudtl.dat      (6,488,384)

* Update IANA tz DB to 2018e

* Update README.chromium

* Drop patches that became unnecessary.

* Apply the remaining patches

   Isvalidenum.patch, simplify_smallintformatter.patch,
   word_long.patch, locid_map.patch

* Apply data-build related patches


* Apply BreakIterator related patches + locale1 patch

* Apply Google's patch for locale data

* ICU 61.1 update step 1

  Check in ICU 61.1 to the tree (61staging branch) by
  running scripts/update.sh.
  Build files are updated by the script.

* Update prep

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