Add the minimal Tajik locale data and update tz data

1. Add the minimal Tajik locale (exemplar character sets and script) for 
   for Tajik spellchecking

2. Update the timezone data to 2014a  (the latest as of today)

3. Drop tranlsiteration files for case changes except for el_Upper.txt because
   all others (Turkic and Lithuanian) are covered by ICU's case changing API
   without relying on the transliterator.  Blink was already changed to use the regular ICU case changing API except for Greek uppercasing for which transliteration (el_Upper) is used. 

4. Rebuild icudtl.dat for non-Android and Android 
   (for build icu_use_data_file_flag=1) as well as the assembly source
   files for Linux, Mac and Android (icu_use_data_file_flag=0). 

   icudt.dll for Windows (icu_use_data_file_flag=0) is not updated in this CL. 
We don't need it because icu_use_data_file_flag=1 on all platforms now. Just in 
case, I'll update that in a separate CL.

For the record, icudtl.dat got smaller by ~ 11kB. The difference mainly comes from a smaller zoneinfo64.res :

icudtold/translit/root.res 2256
icudtnew/translit/root.res 832
icudtold/windowsZones.res 20288
icudtnew/windowsZones.res 20256
icudtold/zoneinfo64.res 160400
icudtnew/zoneinfo64.res 149520
icudtold/metaZones.res 39824
icudtnew/metaZones.res 39968

TEST=None until this version of ICU is rolled in.

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