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Name: libjpeg-turbo
Version: 2.0.1
License: Custom license
License File:
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: yes
This consists of the components:
* libjpeg-turbo 2.0.1
* This file (README.chromium)
* A build file (
* An OWNERS file
* A codereview.settings file
* Patched header files used by Chromium
* Cherry picked an unused variable/function warning from upstream master:
* Cherry picked checking the maximum supported CPUID leaf:
* Deleted unused directories: ci, cmakescripts, doc, java, md5, release, sharedlib,
simd/loongson, simd/mips, simd/powerpc, testimages, and win
* Deleted unused files: appveyor.yml, Brewfile, CMakeLists.txt, doxygen.config,
doxygen-extra.css, .gitattributes, tjexample.c,,
This libjpeg-turbo can replace our libjpeg-6b without any modifications in the
Chromium code.
Same as our copy of libjpeg-6b, this libjpeg-turbo also added a new file
jpeglibmangler.h and included it from jpeglib.h that changes the names of all
externally visible functions to chromium_* so that we can avoid conflicts that
arise when system libraries attempt to use our libjpeg. Also, we applied the
following changes which are not merged to upstream:
* Fix libjpeg_turbo svn r64 libjpeg6b compat issue: make the fast path Huffman
decoder fallback to slow decoding if the Huffman decoding bit sentinel > 16,
this to match the exact behavior of jpeg_huff_decode().
The patch in the above bug removed "& 0xFF". It has been restored from upstream
* Configuration files jconfig.h and jconfigint.h were generated and then altered
manually to be compatible on all of Chromium's platforms.
Refer to working-with-nested-repos [1] for details of how to setup your git
svn client to update the code (for making local changes, cherry picking from
upstream, etc).