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2011-01-19 Linus Walleij <>
2011-01-09 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 1.0.4
* src/ bump interface to
* Release libmtp 1.0.4
2010-12-07 Linus Walleij <>
* make sure the prober only compiles for
* src/ptp.c: update to match upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2010-12-05 Linus Walleij <>
* utils/mtp-probe.c: enhanced to use libmtp intrinsics
and e.g. OS descriptor to probe new devices from
* utils/mtp-hotplug.c: utilize mtp-probe.
* src/ add new interface used by the mtp-probe
utility to probe a certain device in a certain bus.
* src/libusb-glue.c: introduce new function to probe a
certain bus and device.
* examples/ reform the way of making all
executable examples prefixed with "mtp-*" just set this
name in the make target!
* drop the default "mtp-*" prefixing of all
programs, instead I have renamed the executables.
* install the mtp-probe script in the
libexecdir, and FORCE this to be /lib/udev.
We now also install the udev rules to
$libexecdir/rules.d, which is thus also forced to
be /lib/udev/rules.d.
2010-12-01 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: drop old udev style somewhat.
* utils/: move out mtp-hotplug into its own subdir,
intend to put programs to probe devices here too.
* utils/mtp-hotplug.c: moved the hotplug program here.
* utils/ tentative script for
checking MTP devices.
* utils/mtp-probe.c: C program intended to check if
devices are MTP.
2010-11-24 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: set the music player environment
variable for userspace programs watching udev output to
determine what device is plugged in.
2010-10-31 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: only reset the device if a connection
fails, then retry. We were resetting the device on every
close() - not good.
2010-10-17 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: Windows file open fixes from Jelle Geerts.
* examples/sendfile.c: exit with 1 on error.
* examples/*: condensed connect subprograms to a single
header and propagate error codes.
2010-09-18 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: NULL check on abstract lists, drop unused
folder variable.
2010-07-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: if the Ogg or FLAC filetypes have been
flagged as being stored as "unknown" and the device now
indicates it supports them: remove the flag.
* src/libmtp.c: parse device extensions.
* src/ stack up device extensions in the
device struct.
2010-06-19 Richard Low <>
* src/music-players.h: add Apple devices as supported by
2010-05-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: don't probe HID equipment for device
descriptors, some Kensington mice don't like that and
there generally is not point either
* src/ interface
* libmtp 1.0.3
* Release 1.0.3
2010-05-16 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: usb bus location fix for Mac and disable
usb_set_altinterface on Mac
2010-04-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/playlist-spl.c: fix an issue with Samsung playlists disappearing
since they were using a custom MTP type.
* src/libmtp.c: moan about PTP devices without MTP extension
2010-04-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2010-02-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ interface
* libmtp 1.0.2
* Release 1.0.2.
2010-01-30 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/connect.c: bad prototype for sendtrack_.
* examples/sentr.c: bad prototype.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2010-01-19 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: handle a root folder with a number of
0xffffffffU (-1), even if the spec says that 0x00000000
is the root folder. Add some warnings.
* src/libmtp.c: patch from Kevin Hester to fix the erroneous
setting of genre or release date to NULL on some devices.
* src/libusb-glue.c: patch to fix a bug in some multithread
contexts affecting e.g. Rhythmbox, also by Kevin Hester.
* examples/ fix the bad prefixing that came in
as part of the Windows fixes. Keep $(EXEEXT).
2010-01-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: detect "My_Foo" default folders as well
as "My Foo" (underscore) as well.
2010-01-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ we use time_t so include <time.h>
2009-12-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: don't complain so much about the
response to command 2.
2009-11-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: bus detection fix for libusb -
bus->location was not properly initialized.
2009-10-10 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ move debugmacros to util.h
* src/util.h: dito
* erroneouse Libs.private, lacking ":"
2009-09-28 Nicolas VIVIEN <>
* examples/albumart.c : add d option, to enable or not debug
* examples/albums.c : dito.
* examples/detect.c : dito.
* src/libmtp.c : Add LIBMTP_Set_Debug function.
* src/ : Add LIBMTP_Set_Debug function to API.
* src/libmtp.sym : Add LIBMTP_Set_Debug function to exported symbol.
* src/libusb-glue.h : Add LIBMTP_USB_DEBUG / LIBMTP_DATA_DEBUG macros.
* src/libusb-glue.c : Use previous macros inside of printf.
* src/playlist-spl.c : Add LIBMTP_PLST_DEBUG macro.
2009-09-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: some more BlackBerry fixing from
* examples/albumart.c: add p and s switches, to support
storage and parent ID:s. (Nicolas)
* examples/newplaylist.c: dito. (Nicolas)
2009-09-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: patch from Nyall Dawson to make all
filenames unique if the device requires this.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/device-flags.h: dito.
* src/music-players.h: dito.
2009-09-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: several patches from Nicolas Vivien to
support the BlackBerry Storm.
* src/device-flags.h: add special flag for the BlackBerry
"switch mode" command.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/music-players.h: tag the BlackBerry with this flag.
2009-09-21 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/sendtr.c: patch from Andrea Grillini to support
quiet mode operation.
2009-09-12 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: skip interfaces with != 3 endpoints
and make sure we locate 1 bulk in, 1 bulk out and 1 interrupt
endpoint on the interface, else SKIP IT. Based on a patch
from Nicolas Vivien <>.
2009-09-12 Linus Walleij <>
* bump version to libmtp 1.0.1 and release!
* src/ bump soversion to
2009-09-11 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: tag all SONY NWZ walkmen with
2009-08-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: modernize the album retrieveal functions
so they work just as nicely as the track/playlist etc
functions. Triggered by Nyalls excellent bug report that
showed how libmtp tried to get "composer" info for an
album eventhough the device didn't support it.
2009-08-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: bugfixes again...
2009-08-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix a bug where the metadata was cached
twice, thx to Marcus for the patch!
2009-08-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: patch from Thomas Schweitzer to not use
C++ reserved words like "private" and "new", this was
changed to "priv" and "newlist" making C++ happy.
* src/libusb-glue.h: inclusion guard, export functions to
C++ (whoever wants to do that...)
* src/libusb-glue.c: define USB_CLASS_PTP unless defined,
out-commented code to detect all PTP devices as MTP
devices as well.
2009-08-12 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: patch from Simon Berg to detect PTP
interface descriptors.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream with correct MTP interface
detection in accordance with MTP spec.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2009-08-02 Linus Walleij <>
* tag for libmtp 1.0.0!
* src/ bump to compatible API/ABI
result =
* src/libmtp.c: missing flag fix from Marcus.
2009-07-24 Linus Walleij <>
* src/device-flags.h: add a flag for unknown FLAC type.
* src/music-players.h: tag the Cowon iAudio S9 with this.
* src/libmtp.c: implement unknown FLAC type.
2009-07-24 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: a number of new devices.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp-pack.c: sync to upstream.
2009-06-24 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: tag most all Samsung devices with
the UNLOAD_DRIVER flag. Broken GET_ALL info in all
Creative devices.
2009-06-20 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/pathutils.c: detect VCF files too.
2009-06-15 Marcus Meissner <>
* use the AC_SYS_LARGEFILE macro instead
of the ugly largefile hacks.
* src/libmtp.c: fix use of largefile back to the simple
functions instead.
* examples/albumart.c: dito.
* examples/sendfile.c: dito.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
* examples/thumb.c: dito.
2009-06-15 Linus Walleij <>
* some buildsystem updates.
* INSTALL: some doc updates.
2009-06-15 Marcus Meissner <>
* src/libmtp.c: synced to new libgphoto2 code.
* src/device-flags.h: dito.
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
The handles, the PTPObjectInfo and the MTP proplists
are now consolidated into "PTPObject"s.
This and abstraction and the resulting helper functions
allow implementation of easier dynamic operations like
I need for libgphoto2.
Some corner stones:
- PTPParams now contains the device flags itself.
(from device-flags.h) This is needed due to
ptp_object_want() needing to decide whether it can call
GetObjPropList, and it makes it cleaner.
So the ptp-bugs and device-flags handling are unified.
- PTPObjects are sorted by object handle. This allows binary
search by handle.
- New generic helper functions.
* uint16_t ptp_object_find (PTPParams *params,
uint32_t handle, PTPObject **retob)
binary searches the handle in the object list and returns
a pointer to the object.
* uint16_t ptp_object_find_or_insert (PTPParams *params,
uint32_t handle, PTPObject **retob)
binary searches the handle in the object list, inserts it
if not there yet, and returns a pointer to the object.
* uint16_t ptp_object_want (PTPParams *params, uint32_t handle,
int want, PTPObject **retob)
The most magic function, which does the "on demand" loading
of objectinfos, mtp proplists (and more).
want is a flag mask of PTPOBJECT_*_LOADED
PTPOBJECT_MTPPROPLIST_LOADED mtp properties for this object
PTPOBJECT_DIRECTORY_LOADED (only used by libgphoto2 currently)
interesting for directory based
PTPOBJECT_STORAGEID_LOADED and can be filled out by directory
* void ptp_objects_sort (PTPParams *params);
Sort the objects list if you did any modification of your own
on it and the order of object handles might not be linear
- Multiple object information loading strategies are possible.
libmtp uses getobjecthandles() /getobjectinfo() and
getobjectproplist() loading strategies for initial setup. This
stays of course, it will just fill out the PTPObject array.
libgphoto2 now uses a per-directory getobjecthandles() /
getobjectinfo() loading approach, and I will readd the
getobjectproplist() approach.
It is open what you chose to use here. For libmtp the "load all
handles at startup" is good, dynamic loading is better for
Only rule is: The objectlist must be in order of objecthandles!
2009-06-02 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: change the udev match rule from
ATTR{dev}!="?*" to ENV{MAJOR}!="?*" at the suggestion of
Alan Jenkins, this should be faster.
* src/libusb-glue.c: include config.h (Marcus Meissner found
this is needed when you're not using iconv().)
2009-05-09 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: include <config.h> for iconv() compatibility.
* src/unicode.c: dito. NOTE: this file needs fixing to work
without iconv!
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream and get all the embedded support
for FREE!
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2009-05-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2009-05-06 Linus Walleij <>
A host of Windows fixes from
Carlo Bramini <>
With this patch everything works fine with cygwin and
Debian 5.0. Unfortunately, with MSys the "make install"
still fails at the very last actions. It happens that
everything is re-linked (strange, but not a big problem)
and for some unknown reason it loops forever when executing
"examples/hotplug > libmtp.usermap". But hopefully the
simple "make" completes without errors.
* iconv is now detected with autotools, this makes libmtp
linkable on cygwin too (previously it was not).
* the presence of Microsoft LIB.EXE is checked; if it is
absent then the MSVC libraries won't be generated.
* Added checking for some include files not available on
Windows: arpa/inet.h, byteswap.h, sys/uio.h.
* Check for presence of mkstemp: a replacement has been
written for Windows.
* examples/ the creation of the links failed:
I added source path and $(EXEEXT) extension for executables.
This is tested and working with Mingw+MSys, Cygwin, Debian 5.0.
* examples/albumart.c: include sys/uio.h only if it's available.
* examples/trexist.c: u_int32_t does not exists, into almost all
other parts libmtp is using uint32_t so I fixed it in that
manner. (Same for u_int64_t/uint64_t).
* examples/getfile.c: dito.
* examples/pathutils.c: dito, plus rindex() does not exist under
Windows, we must user strrchr() instead.
* examples/pathutils.h: fixes for prototypes changes made into
* examples/thumb.c: include sys/uio.h only if it's available.
* src/
* Several fixes because the check on the presence of LIB.EXE
libmtp.sym is now prefixed by $(srcdir), this allows to
configure libmtp outside the source tree in Windows too.
* Libraries are put into LIBADD instead of LDFLAGS, this is the
right place.
* Previously the linker crashed because there was -ws2_32
instead of -lws2_32.
* src/playlist-spl.c:
* include sys/uio.h only if it's available.
* include replacement for mkstemp() function.
2009-05-03 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: add external property types just like file
types so any property can be retrieved/set. Add function
LIBMTP_Is_Property_Supported to determine if a property is
supported for a given object type. Add function
LIBMTP_Get_Allowed_Property_Values to get alowed range/enum
of a property value. Make
LIBMTP_Get_Representative_Sample_Format get the size parameter
to allow us to determine the maximum size for a representative
* src/ ditto
* src/libusb-glue.c: update to check the handler function return
value so the handler can return PTP_ERROR_CANCEL to cancel the
2009-05-02 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: add a NULL check
2009-04-18 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: add terminating NULL character
2009-04-11 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: Make get_playlist_extension return type
const char *
* src/libusb-glue.h: ditto
* src/libusb-glue.c: In probe_device_descriptor, check to see if
dev->config is NULL before going round the first loop
* src/libmtp.c: Add LIBMTP_Get_File_To_Handler,
LIBMTP_Send_File_From_Handler, LIBMTP_Get_Track_To_Handler,
LIBMTP_Send_Track_From_Handler functions to get/send files/tracks
from/to handler functions. Add modificationdate to file and track
2009-03-17 Linus Walleij <>
* src/device-flags.h: discovered a new device that cannot even
read out battery level but still claims to be able to. Sigh.
* src/libusb-glue.h: flag macro.
* src/music-players.h: flag the Slacker.
* src/libmtp.c: avoid battery level getting on these devices.
* preparing for 0.3.7.
* src/ preparing for 0.3.7 (
* Release libmtp 0.3.7.
2009-03-08 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: refactored OGG extenstion check again, same
code in three places, broke it out and made it foolproof
(hopefully) in one single spot.
2009-03-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: patch from Marcus to fix an issue
with retransmit originally reported by Florent Pillet.
2009-02-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: some additional NULL checks from
Florent Pillet.
2009-02-18 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: error report from RedHat BZ
led to strange code for detecting anonymous OGG files
being rewritten to handle NULL filenames and filenames
that do not exceed 4 chars.
2009-01-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: store albums and playlists in the default
music folder if no default folder for albums resp.
playlists has been detected.
2009-01-22 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.3.6 and release.
* src/ interface bump to
2009-01-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2009-01-15 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: include fixes from Yuri Pankov for *BSD.
* src/playlist-spl.c: dito.
* examples/*.c: (more or less) dito.
2009-01-14 Linus Walleij <>
* src/device-flags.h: new device flag for broken
SendObjectPropList, as found broken in MEU202
* src/music-players.h: use the new flag.
* src/libmtp.c: implement this device flag.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
2009-01-10 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ mingw32 fixes from James Ravenscroft.
* src/libmtp.c: dito. Replaced "rindex" with "strrchr"
* src/ dito.
* examples/albumart.c: dito.
2009-01-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ patch from Rafael Laboissiere removing a
build artifact in distclean.
2009-01-02 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/connect.c: usage patch from Riley Patterson.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito. Plus only try to add track to an
album if and only if an album name was given.
* examples/newfolder.c: real bad bug fixed, didn't even work
due to bad args check.
* examples/sendfile.c: another bad bug...
* examples/common.h: include <config.h> not "config.h"
* src/unicode.h: no reason for this to include config.h!
2008-12-21 Linus Walleij <>
* Release libmtp 0.3.5.
2008-12-15 Nathan Bullock <>
* src/libmtp.c: get folders to a flat list and we get O(n) searching
instead of the previous O(n^2) algorithm!
2008-12-13 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/detect.c: make mtp-detect dump out default-capabilities.xml
if such a file exists on the device.
* m4/stdint.m4: update to newer macro from libgphoto2.
* m4/byteorder.m4: update to newer macro from libgphoto2.
We find these here:
* fix the renamed _stdint.h too.
* some config option got obsolete.
* libmtp.c: start to use PTP error redirection to the libmtp error
stack. This also makes it possible to stop the annoying debug prints.
* libusb-glue.c: dito.
* ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* ptp.h: sync to upstream.
2008-12-02 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/util.c: another NULL check.
2008-11-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix a bug on handling folder children with an illegal
ID of 0. Occured in the ZEN Xi-Fi in the "Recordings" folder, when
that is created on the device.
2008-11-17 Alistair Boyle <>
* change release to 0.3.5.
* libmtp.c: change metadata const*const to *const to allow playlist_id
to be modified by LIBMTP_Update_Playlist. (Samsung playlists)
* match libmtp.c
2008-11-11 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: allow for playlists with zero tracks on them,
also in update.
2008-11-09 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: sync from upstream.
* src/ptp.c: sync from upstream.
* src/ptp-pack.c: sync from upstream.
2008-11-07 Linus Walleij <>
* Release libmtp 0.3.4.
* let's release 0.3.4.
* src/ compatible API and ABI.
2008-11-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix the association type problem on
LIBMTP_Create_Folder(). This causes folders not to
work properly on some devices!!
2008-11-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp-pack.c: introduce Richards bugfix on top of
upstream and take advantage of the ptp_debug() function.
* src/libusb-glue.c: make ptp_debug() non-static since
ptp-pack.c needs it.
2008-10-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/device-flags.h: actually the SanDisks cannot handle
PTP_OPC_DateModified at ALL, not even as part of the
initial update so rename the flag to something sensible.
* src/music-players.h: consequental changes.
* src/libmtp.c: disable all use of PTP_OPC_DateModified if
flag is set, not just updates.
2008-10-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/device-flags.h: new flag for broken updates of
* src/music-players.h: tag all SanDisk devices with this
flag. Bug appeared in them.
* libmtp.c: avoid updating PTP_OPC_DateModified on broken
2008-09-28 Alvin <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix several bugs in Ogg filetype support.
2008-09-26 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: check propdesc before setting props in
2008-09-25 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.3.3.
* src/ interface to .so.8.1.0
* Release as 0.3.3.
2008-09-24 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ add new filename setting functions, patch
from Florent Mertens <>.
* src/libmtp.c: implementation.
* src/playlist-spl.c: consequental changes.
* src/libmtp.sym: consequental changes.
* Fixup patch from Alvin later this day.
* Note to self: remember to bump soname to .so.8.1.0.
2008-09-23 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: check for NULL storage
* src/libusb-glue.c: return PTP_RC_OK on zero read
* src/music-players.h: give Samsung YP-10 DEVICE_FLAG_NO_ZERO_READS
2008-09-22 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: make sure we don't try to fit a new file onto
a ROM storage. Add some pretty-print to FourCC codecs so
you can actually understand the enumerations.
2008-09-20 Joe Nahmias <>
* examples/sendtr.c: added option to specify which
storage_id the track should be copied.
2008-09-20 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.3.2.
* src/ bump to, compatible
* Release this as 0.3.2 mainly to get the Creative fixes out.
2008-09-17 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ new helper macros from
Alvin <> plus some docs.
2008-09-12 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: drop bug flags off the Creative devices.
I am confident that the bugs they were masking have been
fixed now.
2008-09-07 Richard Low <>
* src/music-players.h: added Panasonic P905i
2008-09-05 Marcus Meissner <>
* src/libmtp.sym: update symbol export table.
* src/ fix up some magic for symbol export.
2008-09-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: look up the filename for playlists if the name is
missing or not properly set. Not doing the same for albums -
these must have proper metadata.
* src/music-players.h: more players as usual.
* examples/sendtr.c: more warnings.
2008-08-31 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
2008-08-30 Chris Bagwell <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: make it possible to have per-command
or otherwise altered timeout values for different PTP
request/response sequences.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: increase USB timeout to 30s when getting
a complete track listing off the device.
* src/music-players.h: as a consequence, the Sirus Stiletto
no longer needs any brokenness flag.
2008-08-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
2008-08-28 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/sendtr.c: fix non-strdup():ed strings to be
copied, patch courtesy of Juanan Pereira.
2008-08-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ bump interface a patchlevel. (Fully
* bump version to 0.3.1.
* Release as libmtp 0.3.1.
2008-08-18 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: some vartype and return flunkies.
* check for locale.h
* examples/util.c: set locale to pick up environment.
2008-08-17 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: some handling of ptp_usb_getdata()
when passed in data size was 0xffffffffU, data
sent in first transaction was ignored, fix by
Rob Woolley.
* src/ptp-pack.c: sync in from upstream libgphoto2.
* src/README: move relevant stuff to README.
* README: see above.
2008-08-15 Alistair Boyle <>
* src/playlist-spl.c: added handling of Samsung's
proprietary .spl playlist format.
* src/playlist-spl.h: dito.
* src/device-flags.h: new flags for Samsung playlists.
* src/music-players.h: assign flags.
* src/libusb-glue.h: convenience macros.
* src/libmtp.c: integrate Samsung playlists.
2008-08-15 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/ break out utility functions
(currently only checklang()) to a separate file.
* examples/util.h: dito.
* examples/util.c: dito.
* examples/detect.c: dito.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
* examples/connect.c: dito.
2008-08-14 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: add some documentation to file and track
listing functions to that it's clear that you have to
inspect storage_id and parent_id in order to group files
into storages and/or folders.
2008-07-31 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: several new devices and flags.
2008-06-24 Linus Walleij <>
* TODO: updates.
* src/ bump interface to
It's NOT compatible!
* RELEASE libmtp 0.3.0 and let the apps developers have
their apps fixed!
2008-06-22 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ removed the parenthandle argument from
LIBMTP_Create_New_Playlist() and
Now you must pass in parent ID from a metadata or
filedata set. Use the respective field of the
file, track, playlist or album struct to pass in
a parent handle when calling these functions from
now on. The bonus for changing your code is that you
can now also pass in a storage_id with any metadata
set! Consequently LIBMTP_Create_Folder() was
altered to accept THREE metadata arguments: name,
parent_id and storage_id. All calls to any of these
functions in any referring code need to be altered to
use this scheme. It should be quite self-evident for
most code and easy to perform.
* src/libmtp.c: changed outlined above were implemented.
* examples/newfolder.c: consequental changes.
* examples/sendfile.c: consequental changes.
* examples/sendtr.c: consequental changes.
* examples/albumart.c: consequental changes.
* examples/newplaylist.c: consequental changes.
* examples/files.c: consequental changes.
* examples/tracks.c: correct misleading strings.
2008-06-15 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: only look for default folders in the
root folder on the primary storage, even.
2008-06-14 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: only look for default folders in the
primary storage, and only try to put files there
if they are targetting the primary storage.
2008-06-08 Linus Walleij <>
* check for the langinfo.h header.
* examples/connect.c: check charset properly.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
* src/music-players.h: new devices galore.
2008-06-03 Linus Walleij <>
* src/device-flags.h: new device flag for devices that
always need to have their device descriptor probed.
* src/music-players.h: generously add this flag to all
SanDisk devices. The e280v2 and Fuze are known to be
especially problematic.
* src/libusb-glue.h: helper macro.
* src/libusb-glue.c: massage "OS Descriptor" on demand
when opening the device.
* src/music-players.h: detailed info and flags for the
SanDisk Sansa players. More to be done, probably.
2008-06-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: refactor PTP_USB to use the raw
device and its contained deviceinfo to store and
retrieve the device flags. (This is starting to look
object oriented...)
* src/libusb-glue.h: accessor functions to simplify
switching on the device flags and increase the code
* src/libmtp.c: use the new accessor functions.
2008-06-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: use LIBMTP_Detect_Raw_Devices() and
LIBMTP_Open_Raw_Device() inside
LIBMTP_Get_First_Device() refactoring. Move
params creation into this file.
* src/libusb-glue.c: move params creation away
from here.
2008-05-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: unused variable.
* examples/detect.c: switch to using raw device
interface for opening devices.
2008-05-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: internally using the raw devices to
get a list of devices.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
* src/ move raw device detection to use
error codes. Add interface to open a raw device!
* src/libusb-glue.h: make the old device list internal,
use raw device in interface for configuring USB.
* src/libusb-glue.c: fix up error messages. Move the
raw device detection interface to use error codes.
* examples/detect.c: fix up error messages. Use error
codes for raw devices.
2008-05-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: after sending a file, look up the
resulting file metadata from the cache to make sure
that parent_id is identical to that the file actually
gets on the device. If root folder (0) is selected, we
hardcode thing to 0xffffffffu to be used as parent,
but it will probably end up being 0 for example.
Also fix an issue with ptp_mtp_getobjectproplist()
sometimes returning a NULL pointer while still
claiming there are props in the list.
* src/libusb-glue.h: add a function to get the preferred
playlist extension.
* src/libusb-glue.c: "written" variable in
ptp_usb_sendreq() may end up uninitialized if
ptp_write_func() fails. Initialize it to 0.
Get the prefered playlist extension.
2008-05-18 Richard Low <>
* src/device-flags.h: added
* src/music-players.h: ditto. Also set Samsung YH-999 to
* src/libmtp.c: added
2008-05-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: assign device name and flags to
detected raw devices, slowly preparing to move to
using the raw device detection internally as well.
2008-05-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ move useful filetype macros here so
external programs can use them.
* src/libmtp.c: consequental changes.
* examples/sendtr.c: use the new macro to detect track
2008-05-03 Johannes Huber <>
* src/ add interface for setting album composer,
needed for classical albums, on abstract albums.
* src/libmtp.c: implement it.
* examples/albums.c: consequental changes.
* examples/connect.c: dito.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
* examples/tracks.c: dito.
* AUTHORS: new contributor.
2008-04-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: recognize audio files as tracks, since this
is what WMP does. (e.g. it sets playlength on movies
to enable skip bar) also define macros for audio/video/both
types and tidy up a bit.
2008-04-24 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ added preliminary interface for getting
raw devices.
* src/libusb-glue.c: the implementation is all here!
* src/libusb-glue.h: add some bus and device fields to the
internal device list.
* examples/detect.c: exercise the raw device detection code.
2008-03-26 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/pathutils.c: fix a folder identification bug,
courtesy of Dr Nicholas Jacobs.
2008-03-12 Linus Walleij <>
* bad mailing list address. (Marcus) Bump to
version 0.3.0.
* examples/hotplug.c: switch from using "info.bus" to
using "info.subsystem" to identify USB events. (Marcus).
* src/libmtp.c: add parent_id to albums and playlists,
based on a patch by Ali Shah.
* src/ dito.
* examples/playlists.c: consequental changes.
* examples/albums.c: consequental changes.
* This will be a new major revision of the API/ABI no
matter what.
2008-03-08 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: left debug prints on :-(
* set to
* Release as
2008-03-02 Linus Walleij <>
* prepare 0.2.6 release.
* src/ bump to compatible interface,
* src/ptp.c: sync in upstream, a Sansa fix!
* src/ptp.h: sync in upstream.
* doc/ retire obsoleted parameters.
* Release this as 0.2.6!
2008-02-24 Richard Low <>
for a broken Philips player.
2008-02-18 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/pathutils.c: fix up item ID typing to uint32_t,
handle file names passed in as arguments at suggestion from
anonymous mail list user.
* examples/pathutils.h: move a function static.
2008-02-12 Nicolas Pennequin <>
* examples/sendtr.c: add transferred tracks to albums if possible.
2008-02-10 Scott Snyder <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: finally fix up the short header detection
to skip over zero packets when encountered.
* examples/pathutils.c: fix a problem where all files sent has
to include a "." (period).
2008-02-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: wait for response > 0 instead of > 2.
2008-01-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: LIBMTP_Get_Filemetadata() return metadata for
folders (associations) too. There is really no reason why it
shouldn't and it's good for use internally.
LIBMTP_Get_Filelisting_With_Callback() will still not return
any associations however. We want to use the folder functions
for that.
2008-01-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ withdraw LIBMTP_Set_Object_Parent() function,
no known devices will support this.
* src/libmtp.c: dito. Fix up some problems with the
LIBMTP_Set_Object_Filename() function.
2008-01-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix up some minor things and documentation on
the object handling functions.
2008-01-27 Florent Mertens <>
* src/ new functions to rename object filenames
and change object parents. Good when modifying the device
as a file system, LIBMTP_Set_Object_Filename(),
* src/libmtp.c: implementation.
2008-01-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: re-read response from device until
it atleast exceeds two bytes. This fixes a problem with
the Samsung YP-U3 when populated with many, many songs.
2008-01-21 Richard Low <>
* src/music-players.h: add Thomson Lyrca HC308A, remove
incorrect ID for Creative Zen 8GB
2008-01-20 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: add LIBMTP_Get_Representative_Sample()
* src/ ditto
2008-01-14 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: add LIBMTP_Get_Manufacturername(). Remember
to bump soname (compatible) in 0.2.6 (or whatever we name it).
0.3.0 perhaps?
* src/ dito.
* src/libmtp.c: detect default folders named "Datacasts" and
2008-01-11 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/pathutils.c: recognize .bin files as firmware,
used by e.g. RockBox developers. Doesn't cost anything to
2008-01-08 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.2.5.
* src/ interface to
* Release as libmtp 0.2.5. Why not?
2007-12-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: make libmtp use PTP_OPC_AlbumArtist on albums,
instead of the (seldom present) PTP_OPC_Artist tag. Use both
if both are supported. We're not setting AlbumArtist on regular
tracks though, what's the point, and what does it mean if this
differs from Artist??
2007-11-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: new flag for the YP-T10.
* src/device-flags.h: define the new flag, that is needed
to support Ogg files on these devices.
* src/libmtp.c: recognize and report Ogg support, set type
to unknown when transferring.
2007-11-22 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.2.4.
* src/ bump age of soversion (compatible).
* RELEASE 0.2.4 mainly to get some new device support out there.
2007-11-09 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: avoid probing deeper into interfaces
that have a string describing them as "MTP" after a
suggested patch from Alexander Kanavin <>.
* examples/albumart.c: patch from Chris Waters <>
replacing calls to atoi() with calls to strtoul(). Since
object ID:s are unsigned long, atoi() would reject too
high object IDs. The patch also fix a few memory leaks.
THANKS DEBIAN! We love our downstream!
* examples/newplaylist.c: dito.
* examples/pathutils.c: dito.
* examples/thumb.c: dito.
2007-11-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: use OPFF codes instead of DPFF codes,
we're dealing with objects, not device props.
* src/ptp.c: silence some OPFF freeing warnings.
2007-11-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: try to repair header here instead of
ignoring error in ptp.c.
* src/music-players.h: flag some more Creative devices as
broken getting all files.
* src/ reference the 2 new .h files.
2007-10-31 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: bring cache handling into this file.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: consequential changes.
2007-10-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/music-players.h: split this off as a shared file
between us and libgphoto2 so we get out of the syncing
* src/device-flags.h: split out this as well, Marcus
might want it.
* src/libusb-glue.c: consequential movement.
* src/libmtp.c: reference new flag file.
* src/ptp.c: sync in upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2007-10-25 Linus Walleij <>
* Release 0.2.3. Nice bunch of cleaned-up code, sad we had
too bump soversion but such is life.
2007-10-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: make LIBMTP_Send_File_From_File_Descriptor()
survive the case where device->storage is NULL. This happens
on the Nokia 3110c.
2007-10-19 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: bring the cache handling code together at the
end of the file, refactor so as to avoid code duplication,
do things in one place only and looking good. Get folder
list recursively instead, this works better with fast dir
retrieveal I think.
2007-10-18 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix the deletion of cached properties when
removing objects. This code was seriously broken.
2007-10-16 Jeff Mitchell <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: remove the previously-concatenated vendor
and product string "name" field as it's now redundant
* src/ interface to (incompatible,
device_entry_struct members changed)
* examples/hotplug.c: port to use vendor and product instead of
name, also some useful commenting in the fdi file
2007-10-15 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: repair headers, don't just ignore them.
Add support for broken set object proplist devices. Motorola
RAZR2 V8 has this problem.
* src/libusb-glue.h: flag for broken set object proplist.
* libmtp.c: avoid broken set object proplist.
2007-10-09 Jeff Mitchell <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: add separate vendor and product strings
in device entry structs
* src/ update device entry structs to reflect this
2007-10-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: rm some pointless confusing defines
inherited from libgphoto2.
* bump to 0.2.2
* src/ interface to (compatible)
* Release as 0.2.2. Now is as good time as ever. Release
early and release often.
2007-10-03 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: tag the OLD Creative devices with
indications that it was broken when retrieveing folders
on all those devices. The newer devices (those supporting
32bit object size) presumably does not have this limitation.
2007-10-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: devices which represented file size with a
32bit value (some Creative devices) would return a bananas
file size. Fixed it up by...
* src/ recycling the uint8_t "interface"
field in the device struct as a holder of the object size
for the device. This will make the new library binary
compatible with version 0.2.1 since no-one should *ever*
dereference that value (which used to be the USB interface
number and is now the object size).
* examples/files.c: display 64bit file sizes in hex correctly.
2007-09-29 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: avoid crash on failed connect
2007-09-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: introduce a new device flag for devices that
have broken PTP headers, first encountered on the Creative
* src/libusb-glue.c: attempt to begin to work around the broken
PTP headers.
2007-09-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: add a new device flag for devices that don't
like it if you release the interface (or try to clear endpoints).
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito, implement this flag, tag all SanDisk
Sansa devices with it except for the Linux-based Sansa Connect.
2007-09-23 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: updated some device flags, removed second
call to ptp_getdeviceinfo
* src/libmtp.c: property cache fixes
2007-09-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: wrapped updating of playlists and albums into an
abstract function so we do it consistently. Added support for
tagging on modification date to files, tracks, playlists and
2007-09-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: flag the Samsung YH-820 with
2007-09-18 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: stop the endpoint unhalting/unstalling when
closing the USB device. It was AYBABTU the Samsungs
(and others).
2007-09-17 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: silenced weirdo error message.
2007-09-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: cancellation working *as it should*
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* src/ new error code for cancellation.
2007-09-16 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: only read descriptors for devices we
don't know since it breaks on some devices
* src/libmtp.c: a couple of bugs fixed in metadata retreival
2007-09-15 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: get cancellation of xfers working.
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
2007-09-14 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: sync in upstream to get cancellation prototypes.
* src/libusb-glue.c: first try to implement cancellation.
* src/libmtp.c: dito. Bugfix to one of Marcus' realloc():s.
2007-09-12 Marcus Meissner <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: sync to upstream, rewrote packing to use
a static array to be qsort():ed when reading in proplists.
* src/ptp.c: reflect changes.
* src/ptp.h: reflect changes.
* src/libmtp.c: reflect changes.
2007-09-06 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: edit up into a udev ruleset that is
inexorably complicated but probably compatible with most
udev versions out there. Now please DON'T update udev
styles again!
2007-09-05 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: album fixups
2007-09-05 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: use old udev style by default, use new
if requested explicitly by a -U switch.
2007-09-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: make sure we query recursively supplying each
storage ID in turn, so we spin over storages. Also check
what storage may be available to store a file, if the first
one fails, try the next!
2007-09-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: make the resulting MTP proplist sorted by
object ID.
* explicitly call BASH instead of just sh. Warn
if script is not run as root.
2007-08-29 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/ move include define from AM_CFLAGS to
AM_CPPFLAGS (as it should be) bug found by Petar Petrov
* src/libusb-glue.c: strange misleading message corrected. Fix
up the horrid interface passing back-and-forward and confusing.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: rid interface references, that's a USB issue!
* src/ flag interface number in device struct as retired.
2007-08-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: retire the horrid, broken, stream send facility that
does not work on any device since they all want to know the file
size in advance. Add in some code to fall back on the recursive
metadata retrieveal if getting the whole long list fails.
* src/libusb-glue.c: tag all Sansas as having broken GetObjectPropList
when all tags for all objects are requested. Scan each INTERFACE
of the device for device descriptors.
2007-08-24 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: new device flag to strip all non-7bit chars from
filenames on some lame devices.
* src/libusb-glue.c: tag the Philips Shoqbox with this flag.
* src/libmtp.c: strip the non-7bit chars from filenames if that
flag is set.
* src/unicode.h: introduce a 7bit-strip helper function.
* src/unicode.c: dito.
2007-08-22 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: deal with setting of metadata sets for u16/u32:s that
are ranges or enums, rounding and twiddling if need be. This is
needed because some new devices (like the TrekStor Sweez,
has duration defined as a range: MIN 0, MAX 65535000, STEP 1
and Sandisk Sansa c240 has duration as range: MIN 0, MAX 2147483000,
STEP 1000) whereas old devices would just accept any value.
2007-08-16 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: allow packing of NULL strings
2007-08-15 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: return device max values for representative
2007-08-15 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: added Philips Shoqbox
2007-08-13 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
2007-08-07 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.2.1.
* src/ interface to
* Release libmtp 0.2.1!
2007-08-06 Linus Walleij <>
* tag on the large file support compilation flag.
* src/libmtp.c: smack up the data file transfer function so it
works again and *finally* should support 64bit sizes!
Then wrapped the track sending function around the file
sending function so there is no more pointless code duplication
giving rise to ever more bugs. Enable LFS, Large File Support so
we can handle 64bit files properly.
* examples/sendtr.c: shape up print-outs, LFS support.
* examples/sendfile.c: dito.
2007-08-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: fixed a stray error print bug.
* src/libmtp.c: overhaul of all proplist setting to follow the same
design pattern. Probably fixed a few opd memory leaks along the road.
2007-08-05 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: send 64 bit filesize
2007-08-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fix up the 64bit filesize and tracksize support.
There were some bugs...
* src/ tweak interface revision so that we produce now.
* bump library revision to 0.2.0.
* examples/hotplug.c: switch to use ATTR{} instead of SYSFS{}
* Release libmtp 0.2.0!
2007-08-04 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: add Sansa m240 (a different ID to before)
Give the Toshiba Gigabeat S
2007-08-03 Marcus Meissner <>
* m4/byteorder.m4: byteorder fixes.
2007-07-30 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: fix up array packing
2007-07-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: try to get a uniform 64 bit
support, use some old macro code.
2007-07-29 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: 64 bit filesize support for tracks
* src/ptp-pack.c: ditto
* src/ptp.h: ditto
2007-07-27 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: Some better NULL checks
2007-07-27 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: changed subsystem from "usb_device"
to "usb". Presumably a change in the kernel some time ago.
2007-07-21 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: Correctly bail out of LIBMTP_Get_Storage
2007-07-17 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/reset.c: Add a device reset program.
* src/libmtp.c: Add reset command.
* src/ptp.c: dito, and sync in upstream changes.
* src/ptp.h: dito, and sync in upstream changes.
* src/ptp-pack.c: sync in upstream changes.
2007-07-17 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: Added some more (paranoid) NULL checks
2007-07-14 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: Add a NULL check
2007-07-13 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: add Disney MixMax
2007-07-11 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: put in Tero's name in the preamble.
* src/libusb-glue.c: make the dump function sump out the zuper zecret
devize dezcriptorz in clear text hex.
2007-07-10 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: force HAL OGG support on iriver devices.
They all have it! Also force for two other devices that does
2007-07-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: new flag for the case when getting the object
property list of all metadata for all objects is broken.
* src/libusb-glue.c: tentatively tag a Philips device with this flag.
* src/libmtp.c: fixed usage of returned pointers from realloc(),
introduce new flag.
2007-07-05 Tero Saarni <>
* src/libmtp.c: update cache when manipulating objects instead of
always flushing the whole cache.
2007-07-03 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: use the params->proplist metadata cache. Help
rid all flush_handles() you can in order to add even more to
the efficiency of the cache.
2007-07-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream gPhoto source.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: use the params->objectinfo object info cache to
speed things up considerably. This is exactly what libgphoto2
does so now we move closer to upstream. I believe this also
fixes quite a few memory leaks because we weren't freeing the
strings inside the objectinfo previously.
2007-05-29 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: use the set object prop list command to set album
props if available. Follow metadata set design pattern used for
tracks; check first if the object type can set name/artist/genre.
2007-05-24 Jeff Mitchell <>
* Properly install the HAL FDI rules if
the user so chooses to when prompted.
2007-05-24 Jeff Mitchell <>
* examples/hotplug.c: Fix/update HAL output to conform
to new specs. Fix whitespacing to be consistent.
2007-05-17 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: added Samsung YH-920
2007-05-11 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: output a usb.ids map if need be.
* script to assist in comparing our device
database to the linux-usb database so we can submit new
entries to it more easily. Please extend this until it
creates automated diff:s if you can!
2007-05-10 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: some new devices, some rewording etc.
2007-05-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: removed the DUALMODE flag, it's pointless and
equal to the problem solved by the UNLOAD_DRIVER flag.
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito, move the only DUALMODE flag into an
UNLOAD_DRIVER flag. Added Archos Gmini.
2007-05-05 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: added Philips PSA610
* src/libmtp.c: code to recursively get object handles for each
* src/ptp.h: ditto
2007-04-28 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new device
2007-04-26 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: memory leak: dangling, unused pointer killed.
2007-04-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ extend LIBMTP_album_t to include fields for
artist and genre. This is sort of required so we must change
the API to have it working properly.
* src/libmtp.c: dito. Reflect changes in implementation.
2007-04-18 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream gPhoto source.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2007-04-17 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new device
2007-04-13 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new devices
2007-04-12 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/hotplug.c: fix GOTO style in udev map.
2007-04-02 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/files.c: some WIN32 64bit prefix fixup.
* examples/tracks.c: dito.
2007-03-28 Ted Bullock <>
* examples/*.c: Print library version number on execution of examples.
* src/ New version number string to aid version echoing.
2007-03-26 Linus Walleij <>
* bump version to 0.1.5, release 0.1.5!
* src/ bump lib interface revision to,
backwards compatible to
2007-03-24 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: fixed bug in zero read code
2007-03-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: refactored MTP property list handling code to make
things simple. Removed the flag for MTP enhanced: there are devices
that will not work without MTP enhanced (for example the Samsung
YP-K5 will only support setting object property lists, not
individual object properties, leaving out parts of the MTP basic
subset), thus we are allowed to reverse-engineer and implement this
for interoperability. I also made the output from
LIBMTP_Dump_Device_Info() considerably more verbose, plotting out
the ranges and possible enumerated values of all object properties
For example you can see that the secret values associated with property 0xda01 is an enumerated value that can be
2, 3 or 4 (etc).
2007-03-22 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp.c: PTP_OC_MTP_SetObjPropList implementation
* src/ptp.h: ditto
* src/libmtp.c: Use PTP_OC_MTP_SetObjPropList when updating track
2007-03-18 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new devices. Some of the Samsung players may
need DEVICE_FLAG_NO_ZERO_READS to be set - I only know the YP-K5
needs it.
2007-03-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: introducing yet another device flag for the
irivers bugged firmwares, this is for the Alzheimer disease that
cause irivers to forget that OGG files are OGG files.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* src/libusb-glue.c: introduce this flag for all iriver devices.
* examples/pathutils.c: found a (small) bug.
2007-03-12 Linus Walleij <>
* cleanup patch from Rafael Laboissiere.
* src/libusb-glue.c: refactored device detection code to
immediately test if the device is in the known devices list if it
does not feature a MTP device descriptor. This fixes the problem
of not being able to mix devices with proper descriptors and
non-detected devices.
2007-03-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: remove libgphoto2 functions that we
don't use.
* src/libusb-glue.h: export the free_mtpdevice_list() function,
new signature of find_usb_devices().
* src/libmtp.c: shrink code, pass as list of devices instead of
several huge arrays between libmtp.c and USB glue layer in
libusb-glue.c using the nifty list struct defined in libusb-glue.h.
* Eventually release libmtp 0.1.4.
2007-03-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: rewrote one more function to be
non-recursive, perhaps I found the remaining bug, just
cannot see that right now, will test tomorrow.
2007-03-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: rewrite recursive function to linear.
* src/libusb-glue.h: create a wrapper type for the
device list instead of abusing the libusb device "next"
field in our code.
* src/libusb-glue.c: rewrite all recursive functions to
linear, use wrapper objects, don't copy the libusb device
struct, instead just store a pointer to it. This magically
solved a bug...
2007-03-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ bump library interface to
backwards compatible with any interface, for
imminent libmtp 0.1.4 release.
2007-03-03 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: Don't echo warnings about reading a single
extra byte on devices in which DEVICE_FLAG_NO_ZERO_READS has
been set
* src/libmtp.c: New API function to retrieve the number of devices
in a list of connected devices
* src/libmtp.h: New API function to retrieve the number of devices
in a list of connected devices
* examples/detect.c: Use new API function to count number of devices
that were detected
2007-03-03 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: Tiresome ramblings to explain exactly what
the (now renamed) device flag DEVICE_FLAG_NO_ZERO_READS really
* src/libusb-glue.c: Renamed flag. Indent code :-) Reading the code
and being impressed by our ability to iron out the root cause
of this kinda weird thing... Fix a few compile warnings.
2007-03-03 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: (hopefully) fixed iRiver read errors. Enabled
get object prop lists for Clix since it appears to work.
* src/libusb-glue.h: ditto
* src/ptp.h: ditto
2007-02-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: Upstream accepted our patch so synced it in.
2007-02-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: Synced in upstream version which removes the
offending line.
* src/libmtp.c: replaces strcmp() for strcasecmp() in folder
detection since Windows and some devices (such as iRivers)
ignore case and user capital letters for default folders.
2007-02-22 Ted Bullock <>
* src/ptp.c: Comment out line in ptp_exit_fd_handler that was
closing a file descriptor. This is not the responsibility of
the PTP Layer. Defect and solution found by Rob Reardon
2007-02-26 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: Implement a check for PTP_OC_MTP_SetObjectPropValue
in the LIBMTP_Update_Track_Metadata() function, there are
obviously devices that do not support this, but only
PTP_OC_MTP_SetObjPropList instead (such as the Samsung YH 925-GS),
but we haven't implemented that yet. Problems are
atleast reported correctly now.
2007-02-24 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: Fix incorrect transfer sizes causing zero
write issues
2007-02-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: Undeprecate getting first device code.
2007-02-23 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: Fix crash when no devices connected
2007-02-23 Ted Bullock <>
* examples/detect.c: Stub out probe functionality
* src/libusb-glue.c: Remove old uni-device cruft code
* src/libusb-glue.h: Remove old uni-device cruft code
2007-02-22 Ted Bullock <>
* examples/albums.c: Updated to use new multi device code
* examples/tracks.c: Updated to use new multi device code
* examples/files.c: Updated to use new multi device code
2007-02-18 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libmtp.c: Altered the function LIBMTP_Get_First_Device
to wrap around the multi device API. Also added deprecation
warnings to avoid using this function
2007-02-17 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: Debug output fixes and read/write sizes changed
* src/libmtp.c: memset params to 0 to avoid freeing unalloced
* src/ptp.h: read/write sizes changed
2007-02-15 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: Fix a segfault in new error handling code.
2007-02-15 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: Adding some sanity checks to error stack code.
* examples/newplaylist.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Robert.
* examples/playlists.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/sendfile.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me and Chris.
* examples/sendtr.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me, Chris,
Shaun, Enrique.
* examples/thumb.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Robert.
* examples/tracks.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/trexist.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting noone.
2007-02-15 Ted Bullock <>
* examples/folders.c: Updated to use new multi device code
* src/libmtp.c: Fixed potential memory leaks
* src/libusb-glue.c: Fixed potential memory leaks and fixed device
release segfault for multiple devices
2007-02-14 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: Wrote three new recursive functions to avoid
extreme levels of multiple indirection and to clean the code up
a bit for multiple devices.
* examples/detect.c: Adjusted function calls to use new multiple
device code.
* src/ Added prototype for LIBMTP_Release_Device_List
2007-02-12 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libmtp.c: Two new functions (create_usb_mtp_devices and
LIBMTP_Get_Connected_Devices) to add support for multiple devices
to client applications
* src/libmtp.h: Added LIBMTP_Get_Connected_Devices as a publicly
accessible function
*libusb-glue.c: Renamed connect_mtp_devices to find_usb_devices
*libusb-glue.h: Renamed connect_mtp_devices to find_usb_devices
2007-02-09 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: Addressed a number of potential memory leaks in
the new multiple device code
2007-02-05 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ LGPL boilerplate.
* src/libusb-glue.h: LGPL boilerplate.
* src/unicode.h: LGPL boilerplate.
* src/util.h: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/albumart.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Andy.
* examples/pathutils.h: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Chris.
* examples/pathutils.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me and Chris.
* examples/common.h: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/albums.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Chris.
* examples/connect.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Chris.
* examples/delfile.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me and Chris.
* examples/detect.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/emptyfolders.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting Andy.
* examples/files.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/folders.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/format.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/getfile.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me and Chris.
* examples/getplaylist.c: LGPL boilerplate.
* examples/hotplug.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me and Marcus.
* examples/newfolder.c: LGPL boilerplate, crediting me and Chris.
2007-02-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: make changes necessary to handle
the new iconv(3) code in ptp-pack.c. People will have to
use recent stdlibc, glibc or libiconv. Also call new memory
clean-up functions. Fix LGPL boilerplate text.
* src/unicode.c: Fix LGPL boilerplate text.
* src/utils.c: Fix LGPL boilerplate text.
* src/libusb-glue.c: Fix LGPL boilerplate text.
2007-01-24 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new function to retrieve multiple device
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/ new error codes.
2007-01-22 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/albumart.c: use the new errostack.
* examples/delfile.c: dito.
* examples/detect.c: dito.
* examples/emptyfolders.c: dito.
* examples/format.c: dito.
* examples/getfile.c: dito.
* examples/getplaylist.c: dito.
* examples/newfolder.c: dito.
* examples/newplaylist.c: dito.
* examples/playlists.c: dito.
* examples/sendfile.c: dito.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
* examples/thumb.c: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: add some errors to the stack so we can
see how it's to be used. (Just a first try...)
* src/libusb-glue.c: move the LIBMTP_Get_Supported_Devices()
function into this file cause it only return USB devices
anyway and could be renamed LIBMTP_Get_Supported_USB_Devices()
(but let's not do that renaming since it would break the API).
For now let's understand this is a USB-only function by
simply putting it in the libusb-glue.c file.
2007-01-22 Ted Bullock <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: first hack at creating an interface
to retrieve multiple devices.
* src/ new error codes related to multiple devices.
2007-01-21 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: more new devices
2007-01-20 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ error stack handling like in libnjb.
just bare bones implementation as of now but the idea
should be clearly visible. TODO: add a plethora of
errors and adjust examples to make use of the error
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
2007-01-20 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new device 'Philips PSA235'
2007-01-16 Linus Walleij <>
* bump and release 0.1.3.
* src/ bump interface REVISION. Nothing changed
externally really.
2007-01-11 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.sym: updated symbol table for mingw32 but does
anyone use this? Also I believe one could auto-generate
this some way, just haven't figured out how... Perhaps with
a funky script that massage libmtp.h if nothing else.
2007-01-11 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: a zero read fix
* src/libmtp.c: fix spelling mistake
2007-01-09 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: repair callbacks, structure the code just
a little bit.
* src/libmtp.c: don't assign values to writes or reads, use the
PTP transport intrinsics instead.
2007-01-07 Orson Teodoro <>
* src/ptp.h: Encoding profile.
* src/ptp.c: Dito.
2006-01-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: (re)introduce de-halting of endpoints
as this is needed by VMWare emulation. Must check whether
this causes problems for other archs! Problem was reported
by Orson Teodoro under i686 Gentoo, with a suggested patch.
2006-01-07 Marcus Meissner <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream libgphoto2.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
* libusb-glue.c: fixes to move low-level functions
out of ptp.c and into this libmtp-specific portion.
libgphoto2 has been similarly altered to use a usb.c
file for the low-level stuff. (This was a long needed
split anyway.)
2007-01-03 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: fix zero write bug
* src/ptp.c: ditto
2007-01-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: fix up comments, remove things
refering to stuff we don't have.
2007-01-02 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: another try at split headers/packet sizes
* src/ptp.c: ditto
* src/libusb-glue.c: ditto
2007-01-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: move default setting of split headers
off to ptp.c open session.
* src/ptp.c: dito.
2007-01-01 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: split headers/packet size fix
* src/ptp.c: ditto
* src/ptp.h: ditto
* src/libusb-glue.c: ditto
2007-01-01 Orson Teodoro <>
* src/ptp.h: changed some WMDRMND def codes to AAVT def codes.
addition of AAVT error codes.
* src/ptp.c: changes to reflect modifications done in ptp.h
2006-12-31 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.1.2.
* src/ bump interface revision. (Compatible.)
* RELEASE 0.1.2.
2006-12-30 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/pathutils.c: reflect new filetypes.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
2006-12-30 Orson Teodoro <>
* src/ptp.h: added WMDRMPD, WMDRMND, WMPPD, WPDWCN extension
codes. added more format object codes flac, m4a, 3gp, aac,
xml, xls, ppt, etc. 0x9101-0x910B identfiers are infixed
with WMDRMPD. Added more object properties codes (0xDCD3-0xDD72).
Added more device property codes.
Changed PTP_OFC_MTP_WindowsImageFormat to 0xb881 reflect spec.
* src/ptp.c: added changes to reflect new extensions, object
codes, device property codes.
* src/libmtp.c: modified mp4 to reflect it is a container format
not a codec. Added more descriptions in init_filemap(). mp4
container format is ambiguous in
LIBMTP_Send_File_From_File_Descriptor(). Audio? video? both?.
mp4 searched in video by default. Added comments about this.
Added support for the new format object types.
* src/ added constants to reflect changes to
2006-12-30 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: fixed bug in debug printing
2006-12-29 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: Made abstract list creation to be more
WMP like
* src/libusb-glue.c: added Philips GoGear SA9200
* src/ptp-pack.c: fixed packing bug in ptp_pack_OI
2006-12-29 Marcus Meissner <>
* src/ptp.h: API changes for libgphoto2 to use the file
retrieveal functions.
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/libusb-glue.c: changes in libmtp reflecting the new
API for libgphoto2.
2006-12-28 Linus Walleij <>
* making older autotools happy. Bump to 0.1.1.
* src/ bump interface for release, also autotools.
* RELEASE libmtp 0.1.1.
2006-12-19 Matthew Wilcox <>
* src/ptp.c: fix a (serious) short file bug.
2006-12-17 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: don't bail out on failures when setting
2006-12-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2006-12-15 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ make the format function take a storage as
parameter. Add comments to device storage.
* src/libmtp.c: dito, fix up some code and docs.
* examples/format.c: make the format command comply with
the new API.
2006-12-14 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: make get_first_storage_freespace() always query
the first storage when the space is requested. And some other
janitorial stuff.
2006-12-13 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: one more device.
* examples/detect.c: compilation warnings fixed.
2006-12-13 Robert Reardon <>
* src/ptp.c: add 0xD901 flag as BuyNow property of objects.
* src/ptp.h: ditto.
2006-12-12 Daniel Williams <>
* src/ revamped storage API.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* examples/detect.c: dito.
2006-12-12 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: Send_Representative_Sample() updated to
set image height and width, or audio duration and size.
2006-12-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ support firmware object type. (Dangerous.)
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
2006-12-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: default text folder detection (used in Samsung
Yepp T9) also add a few "My Foo" folder strings, remove the
"remaining directories" kludge.
* src/ default text folder.
2006-12-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ extend the respresentative sample API a bit.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* examples/albumart.c: free memory after use.
* examples/thumb.c: dito.
* RELEASE this as libmtp 0.1.0!
2006-12-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: enable split headers on sending object lists again.
2006-12-04 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: abstract Send_Representative_Sample() so
it can send samples for any format that supports it
* src/ same as above
* examples/albumart.c: altered to use new abstract function above
* example/thumb.c: sample program to upload thumbnails
* example/ add sample thumbnail program
2006-12-03 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: check space on disk before sending
tracks or files.
* src/ refactor LIBMTP_Send_Album_Art()
into LIBMTP_Send_Representative_Sample().
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* examples/albumart.c: dito.
2006-12-02 Marcus Meissner <>
* examples/ make sure symlinks really end
up in the correct dir.
2006-11-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: make Matthews patch thread-safe and fix it
so it will handle more than one surplus packet.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2006-11-30 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: memset PTPObjectInfo structs to 0
2006-11-30 Matthew Wilcox <>
* src/ptp.c: on some devices, surplus packet data is
sometimes returned during read, i.e. a header of the
next package is typically attacked to the incoming
data, as if someone was sending several packets at
once. If this happens we buffer the surplus packet.
* src/libusb-glue.c: revert my own mistakes by making
them Windows-only.
2006-11-30 Linus Walleij <>
* this *is* gonna be libmtp 0.1.0!
* src/ age interface to 4-0-0 to indicate that
intefaces have been removed.
* src/ removed external object interface.
* src/libmtp.c: dito. Made all object manipulation functions
2006-11-29 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: added new devices
2006-11-29 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: remove some pointless #include <>
clutter, call usb_set_configuration() as needed by
* src/libmtp.c: various fixups to enable use of Windows
<io.h> include file.
* added a quick porting guide for
MSVC by Farooq Zaman.
2006-11-28 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ removed filetype mapping API. We can handle
everything inside of libmtp now so no need for this.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
2006-11-27 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/files.c: unsigned int sized printout.
* examples/tracks.c: sort of the same.
* HAL style map output by default.
2006-11-26 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: object handles for proplists
* src/ptp-pack.c: ditto
* src/ptp.c: ditto
* src/ptp.h: ditto
2006-11-25 Marcus Meissner <>
* examples/hotplug.c: adding HAL style XML output for
the devices.
* examples/ fixing a bug in the automake
file (pathutils.h missing!)
* fix the problem with re-making sources
(you had to run ./ before!)
2006-11-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: add a new bug flag for devices that
have broken PTP_OC_MTP_GetObjPropList implementations.
* src/libusb-glue.c: state that all iRivers have this problem.
* src/libmtp.c: disable the user of ptp_mtp_getobjectproplist()
for these devices.
2006-11-21 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: set handle ids for new objects to 0 when
creating new albums and playlists.
2006-11-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: enabled enhanced mode for metadata retrieval
by default.
* src/libmtp.c: fixed the problem with sending files using
enhanced commands.
2006-11-20 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream libgphoto2
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: check for zerolength files/tracks.
2006-11-20 Andy Kelk <>
* src/ add "parent_id" property to LIBMTP_track_struct.
* src/libmtp.c: get "parent_id" property when reading tracks.
* examples/emptyfolders.c: new example program for pruning empty
folders. (does a dummy run by default).
2006-11-19 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: use enhanced MTP commands to create playlists and
send files
* examples/newplaylist.c: demo program for creating new playlists
* examples/ add demo newplaylists program
2006-11-19 Daniel Williams <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: fix error on reconnect.
2006-11-18 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp.c: tidy up ptp_usb_getdata
2006-11-17 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: fixed parent handle for uploaded tracks
2006-11-17 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: fixed up album art using enhanced commands.
2006-11-16 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: a crude implementation of ptp_mtp_getobjectproplist
* src/ptp.c: ditto
* src/ptp.h: ditto
* src/ptp-pack.c: ditto
2006-11-16 Robert Reardon <>
* src/libmtp.c: use enhanced MTP commands to create albums and
add detection of the default album folder.
* src/ add a holder for album default folder.
2006-11-15 Richard Low <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: set string buffer to correct size.
2006-11-14 Richard Low <>
* examples/tracks.c: really use undeprecated API entry.
2006-11-13 Richard Low <>, Linus Walleij <>
* src/ add LIBMTP_Get_Tracklisting_With_Callback()
and LIBMTP_Get_Filelisting_With_Callback()
* src/libmtp.c: dito, deprecate LIBMTP_Get_Tracklisting()
and LIBMTP_Get_Filelisting()
* examples/tracks.c: use undeprecated API entry.
* examples/connect.c: ditto.
* examples/detect.c: ditto.
* examples/files.c: ditto.
* src/ptp.c: working on getting object prop lists.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2006-11-12 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: added Zen Vision W to devices
2006-11-07 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: added checks for supported properties
2006-11-06 Richard Low <>
* src/libmtp.c: added a check for NULL filenames in
2006-11-01 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ set/get uint8 to/from objects
* src/libmtp.c: send object property list.
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2006-10-29 Andy Kelk <>
* examples/albumart.c: simple tool for adding album art.
* src/libmtp.c: graceful handling of players not supporting
abstract album objects.
2006-10-27 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ bump library interface to reflect the new
album methods.
* bump to 0.0.22 for the next release.
2006-10-27 Andy Kelk <>
* src/libmtp.c: add support form abstract audio/video albums.
* src/ dito.
2006-10-23 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: retire opcode rendering (moved to ptp.c)
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/ptp-pack.c: dito.
2006-10-20 Linus Walleij <>
* Release 0.0.21 to get all the new device support out.
2006-10-16 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.0.21.
* src/libusb-glue.c: add code to unload a kernel driver for
the primary interface if it is already in use under Linux.
* src/libusb-glue.h: add a device flag to make this possible.
2006-10-11 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/delfile.c: patch from Chris Debenham
straingtening out the command-line interface a bit
2006-10-10 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/delfile.c: patch from Chris Debenham to make
this command take an optional filename as parameter
instead of file ID.
2006-09-26 Linus Walleij <>
* require libusb instead of just linking it.
* bump release to 0.0.20 and release.
2006-09-25 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/ example script to illustrate
to to transfer calendar, task and contact information
to a device supporting this.
2006-09-19 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ fixed attribute IDs to be 16bit.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* examples/sendfile.c: support vcard3.
2006-09-16 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.0.19 and release. There are some
new devices as well.
* src/unicode.c: retire unused code.
2006-09-13 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/format.c: formatting test program.
* added format.
2006-09-13 Andy Kelk <>
* src/ added interface to format storage.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2006-09-12 Linus Walleij <>
* bump release. Released 0.0.18 yesterday.
* src/libmtp.c: do not try to read battery max level unless
the device supports it. (Bug occurred on Toshiba Gigabeat
2006-09-11 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: messed around a bit with device descriptor
detection so as to bring closer to libgphoto2 detection algorithm.
I've seen things that might be false positives, possibly USB mass
storage devices with additional MSFT descriptors to indicate they
have Janus DRM.
* src/libmtp.c: use UCS-2-INTERNAL if we're not on glibc. glibc
knows that UCS-2 is in machine endianness but Darwin and *BSD does
not. Detect C library and switch accordingly.
* src/unicode.c: retire old unicode code only keep things we cannot
live without. Remove the own internal UCS-2 conversion engine and
the internal iconv() engine and use the one already available in
* src/unicode.h: dito.
2006-09-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.h: added device flags so we can make
the code behave differently on certain devices.
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito, plus removed some debug prints.
* src/libmtp.c: docs.
* src/ added device_flags to device list struct.
* src/ bumped to compatible library interface.
* bump version to 0.0.18 (0.0.17 released
2006-09-06 Richard Low <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: changed packet sizes to improve
transfer speeds.
* src/libmtp.c: changed packet sizes to improve transfer
transfer speeds. Also stopped extra ptp_getobjectinfo
calls when getting directories on connect.
2006-09-06 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: fixed some endpoint size detection
and sending special file sizes stuff. Real hairy bug...
Also messed around a bit with the callbacks.
* src/libmtp.c: changes for callback size detection.
2006-09-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: bug in streaming code, use defined USB_BULK_HDR_SIZE
instead of magic values.
2006-09-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: add some code to have
LIBMTP_Send_File_From_File_Descriptor() accept a stream
if size is set to (uint64_t) -1, plus documentation fixes.
I don't think the streaming code will work but whoever want
to experiment with it has a place to start.
* examples/refactortest.c: removed. Who uses this?
2006-08-30 Linus Walleij <>
* version bump.
* src/libmtp.c: more debug prints.
* src/libusb-glue.c: new iRiver device called Clix. By
the way I released libmtp 0.0.16 yesterday.
2006-08-28 Linus Walleij <>
* version bump.
* src/ptp-pack.c: upstream has committed my patch giving full
unicode support in libgphoto2 ptp2 camlib. No need for
any more ugly workarounds, plus we now have full unicode
* src/ptp.c: dito.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: revamp to use the new unicode support in
* src/unicode.c: remove unused functionality.
* src/unicode.h: dito.
2006-08-27 Linus Walleij <>
* version bump. Release all these fixes
as 0.0.15.
* src/libusb-glue.c: fixed sucky errors. Added callback
code when reading files.
* src/libusb-glue.h: const correctness.
* src/ finally fixup the type on the callbacks.
* src/libmtp.c: more accurate sending callbacks. Callbacks
when getting files also, working correctly. Typeing of
callbacks now OK.
* examples/getfile.c: some display bar cosmetic fixup.
* TODO: lots of the things todo are now done.
2006-08-26 Linus Walleij <>
* version bump.
* src/libmtp.c: fix bug and reinstate callbacks.
* src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito.
2006-08-25 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: use the new file descriptor sender function.
Going to release this as 0.0.13.
* src/ptp.c: upstream accepted patches synced in.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2006-08-22 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: found a real nasty endpoint bug,
code from libgphoto2 was assuming max packet size of
512 bytes while it is 64 when a USB 2.0 device is
plugged into an UHCI hub.
2006-08-22 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.0.13, also released 0.0.12 now.
2006-08-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fixup mmap() usage and add madvise()
as result of experiments by Gavin McCullagh. Upstream
accept patch to get files directly to file descriptor.
Move iconv() converters into device struct for thread
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream which merges patch to get
file directly to file descriptor.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
* src/unicode.c: move iconv() converters into the device
struct for thread safety.
* src/unicode.h: dito.
2006-08-20 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ set friendly name and sync partner,
rename ownername to friendlyname.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* examples/detect.c: reflect changes.
* src/ interface is incompatible so age it.
2006-08-19 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ add function to get syncronization
partner for the device.
* src/libmtp.c: dito.
* examples/detect.c: use that function.
* src/ backward-compatible interface bump.
2006-08-17 Linus Walleij <>
* bump to 0.0.12 and require iconv.h.
2006-08-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/unicode.c: remove bigendian weirdness and switch
to using iconv() instead.
* src/unicode.h: dito.
* src/libmtp.c: reflect changes.
2006-08-09 Linus Walleij <>
* Release libmtp 0.0.11.
2006-08-04 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: patch from Dan Aloni to make sendfile
use mmap and avoid memory drainage.
* src/libusb-glue.c: patch from Andy Kelk to avoid
exit():ing when the interface cannot be claimed.
* version bump.
2006-07-27 Linus Walleij <>
* Release libmtp 0.0.10.
2006-07-26 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: new SanDisk devices.
* src/libmtp.c: only set metdata properties supported by
the device, duh.
* src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
* src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
* bump to 0.0.10.
2006-06-22 Linus Walleij <>
* Release libmtp 0.0.9.
2006-06-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ added function to retrieve supported
* src/libmtp.c: ditto.
* examples/detect.c: use that function.
2006-06-19 Linus Walleij <>
* src/unicode.c: support all endianness, detect
* src/unicode.h: ditto.
* src/libmtp.c: ditto.
* examples/detect.c: use proper tempfile function.
* src/ add some more track properties.
* src/libmtp.c: ditto.
* examples/tracks.c: ditto.
2006-06-16 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ new interfaces for single metadata post
* src/libmtp.c: ditto.
* examples/playlists.c: display track info using the new
individual track metadata retrieveal method.
* examples/getplaylist.c: ditto.
2006-06-13 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ added default folders to device struct.
Add some new function prototypes.
* src/libmtp.c: discover and use the default folders if
we can find them. Retrieve device secure time and cert
out of sheer curiosity.
* src/ptp.c: sync to libgphoto2 with my patches.
* src/ptp.h: ditto.
2006-06-07 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ new playlist API and refactorings.
* src/libmtp.c: ditto, and refactorings.
* src/unicode.h: const correctness.
* src/unicode.c: ditto.
* examples/playlists.c: new example program.
* bump to 0.0.9
* src/ bump library interface.
2006-06-05 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/sendtr.c: fixed annoying bug that made this
program totally useless.
* src/libmtp.c: cosmetics.
* bump to 0.0.8.
2006-06-03 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: metadata bugs, album name and genre
confused. Fixe it and released libmtp 0.0.7.
2006-06-01 Linus Walleij <>
* Released libmtp 0.0.6.
2006-05-31 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: fixed mapping for JPEG vs JFIF
* src/ added proper type for JPEG
* examples/sendfile.c: send proper JPEG type
2006-05-30 Flavien Lebarbe <>
* src/libmtp.c: fixed a bug in update metadata due to
bad use of return code.
* src/libusb-glue.c: fixed a loop exiting problem with
good 'ol GOTO.
2006-05-29 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libusb-glue.c: one more device.
* doc/examples.h: produce correct documentation.
* bump to 0.0.6.
* src/ptp.c: sync to libgphoto2.
* src/ptp.h: ditto.
* src/ptp-pack.c: ditto.
* src/libmtp.c: fixed all filetype API related functions
not to use any PTP intrinsic defines at all, made all
parameters to functions use the internal libmtp interface
enumerations and definitions. Removed LIBMTP_Release():
we can live with the memory lost during init. You're not
supposed to re-initialize the device. Consequently removed
the delete function that cleaned the filetype assoc list.
* examples/refactortest.c: reflect changes.
2006-05-26 Dave Kelly <>
* src/libmtp.c: refactored object handling to be more generic
* src/ ditto
* examples/refactortest.c: Added simple example to use refactoring
* examples/getplaylist.c: Added example to extract playlist data
* src/ptp.c: Re-added ptp_get/set_objectreferences to allow
for playlist handling
* src/ptp.h: ditto
2006-05-08 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ add simple detection function.
* src/libusb-glue.c: implement MTP "OS descriptor" for
looking for MTP devices.
* examples/detect.c: make it possible to do very
rudimentary detection with "detect -p".
* bump to 0.0.5.
2006-05-07 Linus Walleij <>
* COPYING: since we no longer use any parts of libptp2
and only files from libgphoto2, we switch to the GNU
Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL). libptp2 is
a derived work from libgphoto2, and so is libmtp, there
are no remnants of libptp2 in libmtp anymore.
2006-05-04 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/sendfile.c: fixes some more filetypes.
* src/libmtp.c: respectfully rearranged to use a filetype mapping
* src/ptp-pack.c: real nasty unicode packing bug.
* Release libmtp 0.0.4.
2006-05-02 Linus Walleij <>
* src/libmtp.c: general shaping up for release. All track
and file sending functions now respects a parent ID to be
sent along with files and tracks.
* src/ dito.
* src/libusb-glue.c: dito.
* examples/sendfile.c: interface dependency changes.
* examples/sendtr.c: dito.
2006-04-30 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp.c: sync upstream.
* src/ptp.h: dito.
2006-04-27 Linus Walleij <>
* examples/sendfile.c: first file sender program based
on API implementation and changes by Chris Allegretta.
* examples/ new program, new entry.
* src/libmtp.c: reflect this new functionality.
* src/ dito.
2006-04-25 Linus Walleij <>
* Rebased the sources around libgphoto2 instead.
This was a major revision...
* src/ptp.c: imported libgphoto2 version verbatim.
* src/ptp.h: imported libgphoto2 version, minor patch.
* src/ptp-pack.c: imported libgphoto2 version, minor patch.
* src/ptp-pack.h: dropped, libgphoto2 does not use it.
* src/mtp.c: dropped, since all functions are now in ptp.c
* src/mtp-pack.c: dropped, same reason.
* src/mtp.h: dropped, same reason.
* src/mtp-pack.h: dropped, same reason.
2006-04-21 Linus Walleij <>
* Released libmtp 0.0.3
* Bumped source to 0.0.4
2006-04-21 Linus Walleij <>
* src/ptp-pack.c: GCC 4.x compilation patch from
Diego Pettenò.
* src/libusb-glue.c: New Samsung device and some
from libgphoto2.
* src/ptp.h: some defines from libgphoto2 to get
a bit more compatible.
* src/libmtp.c: Added a folder API implementation by
Dave "ravelox" Kelly.
* src/ dito.
* examples/folders.c: dito.
* examples/newfolder.c: dito.
* examples/trexist.c: dito.
2006-03-28 Linus Walleij <>
* m4/*: updated macros to work with GCC 4.1.0.
* examples/hotplug.c: new program to create device
ID lists.
* libmtp.rules: now an auto-generated file.
* libmtp.usermap: now an auto-generated file.
2006-03-24 Linus Walleij <>
* Beginning a file API, fixed some example program
names and such.
2006-03-18 Linus Walleij <>
* Fixed up callback interface to a simpler version,
the old one was bloated stuff from libnjb anyway.
Bump to 0.0.2.
2006-03-16 Linus Walleij <>
* Fixed the .h file and implementation so you really only
need this one .h file to interface the library.
2006-03-15 Linus Walleij <>
* Added three device information retrieval functions.
2006-03-06 Linus Walleij <>
* Moving some things around to structure the source. More
will be needed...
2006-02-27 Linus Walleij <>
* Release libmtp 0.0.1 so people have something to play with,
what the heck. Probably saves someones day.
2006-02-24 Linus Walleij <>
* Deltr example program to delete tracks, plus corresponding
interface call.
2006-02-23 Linus Walleij <>
* Fixed up sendtr program and metadata tagging function that is
used after sending files.
2006-02-22 Linus Walleij <>
* Untested gettr.c and sendtr.c programs to get and send tracks
2006-01-30 Linus Walleij <>
* Created the initial GNU source directory structure.
* Added the most basic files.