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File: docs/README.WIN32
Last updated: 23 April 2011
Quick Start
----- -----
Windows drivers are build with SCons. Makefiles or Visual Studio projects are
no longer shipped or supported.
scons osmesa mesagdi
to build classic mesa Windows GDI drivers; or
scons libgl-gdi
to build gallium based GDI driver.
This will work both with MSVS or Mingw.
Windows Drivers
------- -------
At this time, only the gallium GDI driver is known to work.
Source code also exists in the tree for other drivers in
src/mesa/drivers/windows, but the status of this code is unknown.
After building, you can copy the above DLL files to a place in your
PATH such as $SystemRoot/SYSTEM32. If you don't like putting things
in a system directory, place them in the same directory as the
executable(s). Be careful about accidentially overwriting files of
the same name in the SYSTEM32 directory.
The DLL files are built so that the external entry points use the
stdcall calling convention.
Static LIB files are not built. The LIB files that are built with are
the linker import files associated with the DLL files.
The si-glu sources are used to build the GLU libs. This was done
mainly to get the better tessellator code.
If you have a Windows-related build problem or question, please post
to the mesa-dev or mesa-users list.