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Mesa 6.0 release notes
January 16, 2004
Mesa uses an even/odd version number scheme like the Linux kernel.
Odd numbered versions (such as 5.1) designate new developmental releases.
Even numbered versions (such as 6.0) designate stable releases.
Mesa version 6.0 signifies two things:
1. A stabilization of the 5.1 development release
2. Implementation of the OpenGL 1.5 specification. When you query
glGetString(GL_VERSION) "1.5" will be returned (as long as the
driver supports all the required features).
Note that the Mesa major version number is incremented with the OpenGL
minor version number:
Mesa 1.x == OpenGL 1.0
Mesa 2.x == OpenGL 1.1
Mesa 3.x == OpenGL 1.2
Mesa 4.x == OpenGL 1.3
Mesa 5.x == OpenGL 1.4
Mesa 6.x == OpenGL 1.5
New Features
Mesa 5.1 already had all the new features of OpenGL 1.5, implemented as
extensions. These extensions were simply promoted to standard features:
GL_ARB_occlusion_query extension
GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extension
GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension
Device Drivers
Mesa advertises itself as either OpenGL 1.2 or OpenGL 1.3 depending on
the device driver. For example, if the driver enables all the ARB
extensions which are part of OpenGL 1.3 then glGetString(GL_VERSION)
will return "1.3". Otherwise, it'll return "1.2".
A number of Mesa's software drivers haven't been actively maintained for
some time. We rely on volunteers to maintain many of the drivers.
Here's the current status of all included drivers:
Driver Status
---------------------- ---------------------
XMesa (Xlib) implements OpenGL 1.5
OSMesa (off-screen) implements OpenGL 1.5
FX (3dfx Voodoo1/2) implements OpenGL 1.3
SVGA implements OpenGL 1.3
Wind River UGL implements OpenGL 1.3
Windows/Win32 implements OpenGL 1.5
DJGPP implements OpenGL 1.5
GGI implements OpenGL 1.3
BeOS implements OpenGL 1.5
Allegro needs updating
D3D needs updating
Other Changes
See the VERSIONS file for more details about bug fixes, etc. in Mesa 6.0.