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<title>Mesa Release Notes</title>
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<h1>Mesa 7.0.3 Release Notes / April 4, 2008</h1>
Mesa 7.0.3 is a stable release with bug fixes since version 7.0.2.
<h2>MD5 checksums</h2>
3fd1cb76531b2515ef7db92d9a93dbf8 MesaLib-7.0.3.tar.gz
e6e6379d7793af40a6bc3ce1bace572e MesaLib-7.0.3.tar.bz2
8abf6bbcb1661e7dd4ce73b3fbb85898 MesaDemos-7.0.3.tar.gz
47fd6863621d3c9c7dbb870ab7f0c303 MesaDemos-7.0.3.tar.bz2
2b50fe9fadc4709b57c52adef09fce3c MesaGLUT-7.0.3.tar.gz
0ff23c4e91b238abae63a5fc9fa003e7 MesaGLUT-7.0.3.tar.bz2
<h2>Bug fixes</h2>
<li>Added missing file to release tarball
<li>Fix GLUT/Fortran issues
<li>GLSL gl_FrontLightModelProduct.sceneColor variable wasn't defined
<li>Fix crash upon GLSL variable array indexes (not yet supported)
<li>Two-sided stencil test didn't work in software rendering
<li>Fix two-sided lighting bugs/crashes (bug 13368)
<li>GLSL gl_FrontFacing didn't work properly
<li>glGetActiveUniform returned incorrect sizes (bug 13751)
<li>Fix several bugs relating to uniforms and attributes in GLSL API (Bruce Merry, bug 13753)
<li>glTexImage3D(GL_PROXY_TEXTURE_3D) mis-set teximage depth field
<li>Fixed GLX indirect vertex array rendering bug (14197)
<li>Fixed crash when deleting framebuffer objects (bugs 13507, 14293)
<li>User-defined clip planes enabled for R300 (bug 9871)
<li>Fixed glBindTexture() crash upon bad target (bug 14514)
<li>Fixed potential crash in glDrawPixels(GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT) (bug 13915)
<li>Bad strings given to glProgramStringARB() didn't generate GL_INVALID_OPERATION
<li>Fixed minor point rasterization regression (bug 11016)
<li>state.texenv.color state var didn't work in GL_ARB_fragment_program (bug 14931)
<li>glBitmap from a PBO didn't always work
<li>glGetTexImage into a PBO didn't always work
<li>Comments at the end of ARB vertex/fragment programs crashed the parser
<li>Updated glext.h to version 40
<h2>Driver Status</h2>
Driver Status
---------------------- ----------------------
DRI drivers varies with the driver
XMesa/GLX (on Xlib) implements OpenGL 2.1
OSMesa (off-screen) implements OpenGL 2.1
Windows/Win32 implements OpenGL 2.1
Glide (3dfx Voodoo1/2) implements OpenGL 1.3
SVGA unsupported
Wind River UGL unsupported
DJGPP unsupported
GGI unsupported
BeOS unsupported
Allegro unsupported
D3D unsupported