1. 94f0105 Sentinel commit pointing at new location in Chromium. by Aaron Gable · 9 years ago main
  2. 5ad9b9a Set up a good codereview.settings file by Aaron Gable · 9 years ago
  3. 5260621 Add GN build file for third_party speex library. by tfarina@chromium.org · 10 years ago
  4. f448dfc Remove use_system_speex logic from the mainline gyp file. by phajdan.jr@chromium.org · 11 years ago
  5. 6281f76 Remove <(library) usage from speex.gyp. by tfarina@chromium.org · 11 years ago
  6. 97dcb72 Prepare to use generated shim headers for speex by phajdan.jr@chromium.org · 11 years ago
  7. afd6387 Linux: fix build with system speex (1/2) by phajdan.jr@chromium.org · 12 years ago
  8. 401cf5e Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required by steveblock@chromium.org · 12 years ago
  9. a79adad set type 'settings' to 'none' in gyp file in case using the system lib by rsleevi@chromium.org · 12 years ago
  10. 0c94ee6 Disable VS warnings in speex. by maruel@chromium.org · 13 years ago
  11. 7a9c14d Formatting the readmes in deps to follow the proper format and making sure they contain Short Name and Version fields for version tracking. by cdn@chromium.org · 13 years ago
  12. 45535c6 Update svn:ignores. by pkasting@chromium.org · 13 years ago
  13. 37eacf1 Linux: change gyp and add a shim header to build with system speex. by phajdan.jr@chromium.org · 13 years ago
  14. 83dc80b Remove a spurious ifndef which got added because of a bad copy/paste operation :( by satish@chromium.org · 14 years ago
  15. f13f17f Add a header file which got missed out in the initial commit. by satish@chromium.org · 14 years ago
  16. 85d23a3 Remove the executable property from flags in the speex directory by joth@chromium.org · 14 years ago
  17. b78d04b Add speex to trunk/deps/third_party/. by satish@chromium.org · 14 years ago