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Name: valgrind
Version: unknown
Memcheck version on Linux (valgrind-variant): 138
Memcheck version on Mac 10.5 (valgrind-variant): 135 (obsolete, will be removed soon)
Memcheck version on Mac 10.6 (valgrind-variant): 145
Memcheck version on Mac 10.7 (valgrind-variant): 138
TSan version on Linux: 4440
TSan version on Mac 10.5: unknown (<=3600)
TSan version on Mac 10.6: 4397
TSan version on Mac 10.7: 4397
Security critical: no
Contains the scripts to patch and compile Valgrind to be used
by Chromium valgrind buildbots and Chromium developers.
You can find the build script and all the patches in valgrind/scripts.
The binaries for some of the platforms we use are located in valgrind/binaries.
You can also build Valgrind for your own platform.
If you want to add/rebuild binaries for one of the platforms, simply run
sh # takes some time
inside valgrind/scripts and then 'svn add' and 'svn commit' the newly built binaries.