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Name: WebDriver
Short Name: WebDriver
Version: 3.14
Revision: 3f8670ddf1fd033c00732ae64ace2254f8cf4f41
License: Apache 2.0,
License File:
Security Critical: no
WebDriver is a clean, fast framework for automated testing of webapps.
This directory contains code and data needed for running the WebDriver java
acceptance tests.
It also contains ChromeDriver reference builds for perf testing
Create a local repository folder for cloning SeleniumHQ sources
- git clone
- cd selenium
- Check out the desired revision. To reproduce the binaries currently
used on ChromiumDriver waterfall, check out the revision given near the
beginning of this document.
- Copy seleniumHQ.patch and from
chromium/src/chrome/test/chromedriver/third_party/java_tests into "selenium" folder
- From selenium folder run the following command
- git apply seleniumHQ.patch
- From selenium folder run "" shell script
with passing location of java_tests directory as an argument
( this will start building then copying files to the test_dir :
./ test_dir
NOTES: test_dir is the path of your java_tests folder, i.e., the location of this README file.
It is normally ~/chromium/src/chrome/test/chromedriver/third_party/java_tests