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Name: xdg-utils
Version: 3ba869a97b737fd308502a7f9e63bda202891642
This directory contains a copy of xdg-utils obtained from git on 2011-05-10,
with this command:
git clone git:// xdg-utils
The .gitignore files were converted to svn:ignore properties to check it in.
Also, the scripts have been regenerated, since the checked in copies are old.
Originally, it had been modified to add the xdg-settings command for getting
and, in some cases, setting various GNU/Linux desktop environment settings like
the default web browser and proxy configuration.
This change has since been incorporated upstream.
We now have this copy only to allow us to ship our own copy of xdg-settings (and
xdg-mime, because we need a newer version than some distributions include). When
these are standard, we can delete our copy.
The license for xdg-utils is in the LICENSE file and is similar to BSD-style.