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README: xdg-utils tests
Created 6/27/2006 by Tom Whipple <>
At a minimum, you must have your current directory be the same as the
directory containing this README. Then, simply execute:
$ ./testrun
WARNING: guessed XDG_TEST_DIR to be /home/tw/portland/xdg-utils/tests
TEST_LIST: generic_bogus_arg-1-1 ... generic_version-1-50
FAIL: test_user_mime_install
NORESULT: test_system_mime_install
71 of 92 tests passed. (114 attempted)
See xdg-test.log for details.
FAIL indicates (not suprisingly) a test failure.
NORESULT indicates that the test prerequisites failed for some reason.
(e.g. the install phase of an uninstall test failed)
UNTESTED means that something needed was not found. This is fine and should
be ignored. These tests are not counted in the total, only attempted.
(e.g. test requires root, but we are not running as root)
NOTE: The test runner makes guesses about appropriate values of XDG_TEST_DIR
and PATH. These values can be overriden explicitly.
To run tests individually, or as smaller groups do something like
$ ./testrun xdg-mime
$ ./testrun xdg-mime/t.10-user_mime_install
OR (if you have defined XDG_TEST_DIR and PATH correctly)
$ xdg-mime/t.10-user_mime_install
THESE TESTS CHANGE YOUR USER ENVIRONMENT. Effort is made to keep pollution
to a minimum, but we make no guarantees!! Back up your environment/system
early and often. This is especially critical if you run tests as root. You
have been warned.
Because it is difficult to verify the way things appear to the user, some
tests are interactive and require the user to verify or perform actions.
This is sometimes annoying, so interactive tests can be disabled with the
-I flag. Note that if you run tests non-interactively, some tests
(xdg-email) may generate strange errors on the screen, since the test
cleans up support files before the email client tries to read them. Use
the -C option to work around this.
Some tests require root (e.g. those commands with a --system option). So,
tests in this group return UNTESTED if they are not run as root.
The test runner will ask for the root password in order to run these tests
as the root user.
Tests should clean up after themselves. However, this sometimes fails,
so use 'sudo make tests-clean' or 'make tests-userclean'.
(Note that you must have generated a makefile via 'cd .. && ./configure'
at some point.)
xdg-* tests for each util
include "library" code used by most tests
generic generic tests to be run on most utilities.
See xdg-mime/t.apply_generic
See xdg-mime/t.10-user_mime_install as an example.
Each test is as follows
test_function() { -- Tests are functions for TET integration.
test_start "test description" -- required to begin a test
test_purpose "verbose text" -- optionally provide a verbose description.
not used.
test_init -- optionally begin a prerequisite section.
assertions that fail here cause NORESULT
rather than FAIL
test_procedure -- required to begin the actuall test
test_result -- required to generate result codes.
Must be last.
run_test test_function
- OR -
repeat_test test_function NVARS V1 ... VN V1val1 ... V1valM ... VNval1 ... VNvalM
-- one of the above is required.
see include/ for detail
For questions or feedback, please use the Portland mailinglist at
Test results can be submitted on