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=== xdg-utils 1.1.x ===
2011-07-19 Rex Dieter <>
2011-07-13 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-mime : use 'file --mime-type' instead of 'file -i' (BR39166)
2011-05-10 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-mime : handle home dirs with spaces, mimeapps.list not existing. Thanks to Mike Mammarella.
2011-05-05 Rex Dieter <>
* : add missing ;;
2011-05-04 Rex Dieter <>
* : move a couple of utility functions here (from
xdg-settings), needed for xdg-email
* : binary_to_desktop_file, handle vendor dirs
2011-04-20 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-desktop-icon does not work when user desktop dir has spaces (BR36417)
2011-04-14 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-open does not detect xfce (BR25941)
* xdg-open's list of fallback browsers excludes seamonkey (BR33699)
* text BROWSER=+elinks
* xdg-open is sensitive to default grep options (BR34164)
* xdg-{open,email} should try x-www-browser (BR33095)
* xdg-email outputs errors with localized KDE4 (BR32924)
* xdg-email runs kmailservice with incorrect locale (BR33106)
* spurious capture of which in KMIMETYPEFINDER (BR31444)
2011-04-12 Rex Dieter <>
* suppress 'which gnome-default-applications-properties' output. Thanks to Mike Mammarella.
2011-04-08 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-mime: add mimeapps.list support. Thanks to Chris Coulson.
2011-03-31 Rex Dieter <>
* Don't overwrite a /usr/share/applications/defaults.list symlink (BR35794)
* Use D-Bus API for GNOME screensaver (BR29860)
* Initial support for DE=Darwin, Default for $BROWSER under Mac OS (BR35500)
2011-03-28 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-open cannot detect xfce 4.8 correctly (BR33321)
* xdg-mime's info_generic doesn't normalize symlinks (BR33097)
* mimetype support for xdg-mime (generic) (BR33094)
* open_generic_xdg_mime is broken when a .desktop file
Exec has arguments (BR30453)
2011-02-01 Rex Dieter <>
* add support for GNOME 3.x
2011-01-09 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-email: call kfmclient_fix_exit_code() under KDE 3 only.
Thanks to Luc Menut. (BR32924)
* xdg-utils-common: set C.UTF-8 locale to make sure the version parsing is
done as expected. Under some locales the KDE version string doesn't start
with "KDE".
* xdg-terminal: Fix failure because the which std output is wrongly
redirected to /dev/null in terminal_kde(). Thanks to Luc Menut.
=== xdg-utils 1.1.0-rc1 ===
2010-12-31 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-mime: correct install text to use type/subtype.
Thanks to Christopher Yeleighton. (BR31441)
* xdg-open: declare file variable as local. (BR32487)
* xdg-open: decode file:// urls. Thanks to Henning Garus.
* xdg-screensaver: support X server blanking. Thanks to Ben Hutchings.
2010-11-18 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-utils-common: fixup kfmclient_fix_exit_code() for newer kde-config
* xdg-mime: fix typo in manpage
* xdg-email: Thunderbird is not detected with localized (BR31740)
2010-10-28 Rex Dieter <>
* add lxde support (BR26058)
2010-09-25 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-settings: Only run KDE browser fallback when necessary. Otherwise,
in some circumstances, read_kde_browser incorrectly prints the result
twice. Thanks to David Benjamin.
2010-09-24 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-email: Fix e-mail attachements support with Thunderbird3 (BR13435)
2010-09-24 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-mime: update the required section "[Added Associations]"
Thanks to Mike Mammarella:
2010-09-24 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-email: Fix missing backslash in awk script so that it works with
2010-09-24 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-desktop-icon: set the execute bit to desktop file.
Thanks to Damjan Jovanovic. (BR28394)
2010-07-09 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-screensaver: consider gnome-screensaver a separate DE (BR20027)
2010-07-09 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-mime : use 'gnomevfs-info --slow-mime' (BR 13939)
2010-07-09 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-desktop-icon : use localized desktop folder name (BR19011)
2010-07-09 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-open : use mimeopen -L (follow symlinks)
2010-07-09 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-open.1 : add FILES, SEE ALSO sections
2010-05-16 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-open: Spaces in filename (BR27959)
2010-04-22 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-email and xdg-open: perform BROWSER check in any case.
Thanks to Andrea Florio. (BR27551)
2010-04-22 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-email: try console mode browsers and update the browser list.
2010-02-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-utils-common: fix the comment of exit_failure_file_permission_write
function. (BR12821)
2010-02-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-open: fix regression in open_generic as xdg-mime doesn't handle
URLs (mimeopen and run-mailcap as well). Move xdg-mime call into
a new function (open_generic_xdg_mime). Check input file before
trying to open them with non-browsers.
2010-02-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-open: fix failure if $BROWSER has arguments. (BR14374)
Thanks to Johannes Wegener.
2010-02-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-open: try console mode browsers and update the browser list.
Thanks to Ville Skyttä and Pablo Castellano. (BR14361)
2010-02-24 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-screensaver: use dbus-send instead of qdbus for freedesktop
2010-02-23 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-mime: improve MIME string check when using gnomevfs-info. (BR12818)
2010-02-23 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-mime: report error on failure.
2010-02-21 Fathi Boudra <>
* xdg-open: in open_generic, use xdg-mime to lookup mime type and
association before the alternatives methods (mimeopen and run-mailcap).
2010-02-20 Fathi Boudra <>
* Add gvfs-copy and gvfs-info support. (BR15828)
2010-01-27 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-settings: Add %s to the command in the Gnome url handlers (BR26284)
2010-01-18 Rex Dieter <>
* xdg-screensaver resume activates the screensaver on KDE4 (BR26085)
2009-10-16 Rex Dieter <>
* prefer gvfs-open over gnome-open
* DE=gnome, if org.gnome.SessionManager exists on dbus
2009-10-12 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix xdg-email --attach failure with Evolution. (BR23007)
Thanks to Dwayne Bailey <>
2009-10-12 Fathi Boudra <>
* Add an extra check in xdg-open and call kfmclient openURL as a fallback
on KDE 4. Thanks to Nicolas Lécureil <>
2009-10-12 Fathi Boudra <>
* Add email attachments support to Thunderbird from xdg-email. (BR13435)
Thanks to Lei Zhang <>
2009-10-12 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix xdg-open to handle URL with '#' symbol. (BR23319, BR24375)
2009-10-12 Fathi Boudra <>
* Remove bash requirement to xdg-open and xdg-email. (BR20015)
2009-10-12 Fathi Boudra <>
* Update xdg-settings - Thanks to Mike Mammarella:
This fixes some issues where user-generated icons would be detected as
the official .desktop file for a binary, rather than the actual version.
(It resolves forward and compares binaries rather than resolving backward
to a .desktop file from a binary)
2009-09-28 Rex Dieter <>
* Use kde-open, if available (ie, KDE 4)
2009-09-13 Rex Dieter <>
* detect_de: suppress xprop stderr.
2009-08-25 Rex Dieter <>
* fix build for missing manpages (eg. xdg-settings)
2009-08-25 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix hardcoded KDE home directory. Use kde(4)-config to get path.
2009-08-25 Fathi Boudra <>
* Apply patch from Mike Mammarella <> to fix 2 issues:
- skip invisible desktop files when looking up the default web browser in
- check for localized settings by hand in xdg-settings if kreadconfig
fails. (
2009-08-10 Fathi Boudra <>
* Replace kfmclient by kioclient usage under KDE 4.
Thanks to Nicolas Lécureil <>
2009-08-03 Fathi Boudra <>
* Remove fixup_mandriva_categories() function. It is not needed anymore
since a year. Thanks to Nicolas Lécureil <>
2009-07-29 Fathi Boudra <>
* Merge xdg-settings utility: a script to get various settings from
the desktop environment. Thanks to Dan Kegel and Google Inc.
2009-07-29 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix hardcoded path in make_default_kde() in xdg-mime unde KDE 3.
Add initial KDE 4 support to the function.
2009-07-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* Use kbuildsycoca4 under KDE 4 and kbuildsycoca under KDE 3.
2009-07-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* Use kmimetypefinder under KDE 4 and kfile under KDE 3.
2009-07-28 Fathi Boudra <>
* Add KDE 4 support to xdg-mime. kdetradertest was replaced by
ktraderclient under KDE 4. (BR22975)
2009-07-27 Fathi Boudra <>
* Remove -u option from su. It doesn't have it.
2009-07-27 Fathi Boudra <>
* Add KDE 4 support to xdg-email (BR17268)
2009-07-26 Fathi Boudra <>
* Sleep for 50s instead of 59s to avoid to froze the seesion (BR19414)
2009-07-26 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix a race condition in xdg-screensaver (BR19382)
2009-07-26 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix basename usage when filename contains spaces (BR18567)
2009-07-26 Fathi Boudra <>
* Fix bashisms used in xdg-mime and xdg-screensaver (BR15827)
2008-08-11 Rex Dieter <>
* initial support for KDE 4
* Add dbus commands to xdg-screensaver for KDE 4 (BR17537)
2008-01-24 Kevin Krammer <>
* Fixing security issue in xdg-email and xdg-open at replacing
parameter in $BROWSER
2007-06-27 Waldo Bastian <>
* Fix xdg-mime query filetype on XFCE (BR11383)
=== xdg-utils 1.0.2 ====
=== xdg-utils 1.0.1 ====
2006-11-03 Waldo Bastian <>
* Fixed spurious output on stdout by xdg-desktop-menu
* Cleaned up shell syntax for xdg-screensaver and xdg-icon-resource
(fixes Ubuntu 6.10)
2006-10-29 Kevin Krammer <>
* Fixed non-ascii mailto URI handling of xdg-emial on non-UTF8 locales
under KDE
=== xdg-utils 1.0 ====
2006-05-10 Bryce Harrington <>
* Created xdg-screensaver
2006-04-24 Kevin Krammer <>
* Applied patch provided by Benedikt Meurer <>
to improve the compatability of the Makefile
* Added --title option to xdg-file-dialog
* Applied another path by Benedikt to let xdg-file-dialog use
zenity on GNOME and XFCE
* Added a documentation extraction AWK script created by Benedikt which replaces
the sed code and adds extraction of examples additionally to the usage info.
* Added printing of examples to the --help command.
2006-04-14 Kevin Krammer <>
* Added documentation for --version to all xml files
* Added script for file selection task, e.g. using the native file dialog
to get a file or directory name
2006-04-11 Kevin Krammer <>
* Applied exit functions to the other scripts
* Added a function to check for common commands like --help or --version
and always perform the same reaction
2006-04-10 Kevin Krammer <>
* Added common exit functions to improve return value consistency.
Currently only used in xdg-mime to gather feedback
2006-04-08 Kevin Krammer <>
* In case of $BROWSER being not avialable or empty, try a fixed list of well
known browsers instead
2006-04-06 Kevin Krammer <>
* Fixed "detection" of generic case in xdg-mime, xdg-open and xdg-su as
discovered by Hagai Kariti <>
* Fixed tailoring of file and gnomevf-info output by using "sed" to remove a leading
whitespace instead of "cut"
2006-04-05 Kevin Krammer <>
* Applied patch by Benedikt Meurer <> which
adds detection for XFCE, XFCE paths for xdg-open and xdg-email and
which fixes the script for non-bash shells.
2006-03-31 Waldo Bastian <>
* Generate usage instructions from the same XML that is used for manpages
* Included licence text in scripts
* Added xdg-desktop script
* Added documentation (DocBook, HTML, manpages)
* Have Makefile generate manpages
* Included fix for xdg-su provided by Jeremy White <>
* Added "release" target to Makefile for generating releases
* Added support for .directory and .menu files to xdg-menu
2006-03-21 Kevin Krammer <>
* Imported the current state into CVS for easier shared development