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Release notes for xdg-utils 1.0.2
This release fixes:
* SVG icons are not supported but documentation still mentioned SVG
* xdg-email can now be used without any e-mail address
* Don't use mktemp without arguments, it breaks on systems with certain
older versions of mktemp (xdg-desktop-menu, xdg-screensaver)
Release notes for xdg-utils 1.0.1
This release fixes:
* Several shell syntax issues causing failures on Ubuntu 6.10
* Spurious output on stdout when running xdg-desktop-menu
* Non-ascii mailto URI handling of xdg-emial on non-UTF8 locales under KDE
Release notes for xdg-utils 1.0
xdg-utils 1.0 has been tested under the Gnome and KDE desktop environments
on Debian, Fedora, Kubuntu, Mandriva, Redhat RHEL4, SUSE, Ubuntu and Xandros
based Linux systems. These release notes reflect test findings. Despite
extensive testing it should be pointed out that xdg-utils is provided AS IS
without warranty of any kind. See the LICENSE file for details.
* general:
- When installing applications or file types for the current user only
(user mode) it may be necessary to restart the session in order for
the panel and filemanager to show the correct icons. This problem
typically occurs when the installation process required new
(hidden) directories to be created under the user's home directory.
* xdg-mime:
- xdg-mime query filetype may fail under Gnome on certain Debian
systems that do not have gnomevfs-info installed by default.
* xdg-desktop-menu:
- On Redhat RHEL 4 systems running Gnome, new submenus will not appear
until the session is restarted. For testing purposes the command
"killall gnome-panel" can be used instead of restarting the session.
It is not recommended to use this as part of installation scripts
- KDE based desktops may require several seconds to update the
application menu after installing new items. The user may need to
close the applications menu first before new items will show up.
- On SUSE systems, desktop entries that list any of the standard
menu Categories are often being placed in a "More Programs" submenu
which makes them somewhat hard to find.
* xdg-screensaver:
- Screensaver locking does not work on KDE under SUSE 10.0
* xdg-email:
- Please refer to
for additional information on setting up the default E-mail client.
- With current versions of Mozilla Thunderbird it is not possible to
specify attachments. In order to send an attachment, the user will
need to attach the file manually.
- Older versions of KMail do not support multiple To or CC recipients.