1. 241fd87  Adding statusCode for webRequest onHeadersReceived and onAuthRequired callbacks by - 8 minutes ago git-svn master
  2. 16f763c  Remove some duplicate code / constants in pdf/. by thestig - 21 minutes ago
  3. dd0b6b2  Clang update script: make downloads of pre-built tools less verbose by hans - 33 minutes ago
  4. 29d988b  Roll src/third_party/WebKit ce370d0:29a2543 (svn 191319:191335) by samli - 49 minutes ago
  5. 0aa9898  Update error messaging in Android Autofill card unmasking prompt. by estade - 63 minutes ago
  6. 13218c1 Let MetadataCacheModel use cached URLs. by hirono - 64 minutes ago
  7. 5a3d796  Disable draw transform verification by vollick - 70 minutes ago
  8. 34f63b5  SanitizeProxyAuth: Whitelist all hop-by-hop headers by ttuttle - 2 hours ago
  9. 46b403c Remove old metadata cache files. by hirono - 2 hours ago
  10. 4e580f2  1. Token CRCs are not handled correctly. This adds the corrected Whispernet binary (from cl/87383487), and a test to confirm the correct behavior. by ckehoe - 2 hours ago lkcr
  11. b87d2c6  Fix crash when closing the app list while the app info dialog is open by tsergeant - 2 hours ago
  12. 832e529  Roll Clang 223108:231191 by hans - 2 hours ago
  13. d8905bf  Fix crash in ServiceWorkerDispatcherHost by ksakamoto - 2 hours ago
  14. f5ac85a  Better UI when the machine is shared under a different account by kelvinp - 2 hours ago
  15. 2053183  Require full compile and all tests for iOS bot config changes by smut - 2 hours ago
  16. 6fe4361  Stop pretty-printing pref JSON by hashimoto - 2 hours ago
  17. 393fa2e  Remove gpu_perftests from perfbot "Linux Perf (1)". by dcastagna - 3 hours ago
  18. baed246  Remove duplicate launcher page switching logic in AppListMainView. by calamity - 3 hours ago
  19. 7e41fb8  In preparation for adding appcontainer token to renderer, these are content side changes. In this CL, we add appcontainer related attributes in PreSpawnTarget for renderer. Though we modify policy here, it is still not being honored, that will happen in next CL. by shrikant - 3 hours ago
  20. 8806af4  Fix tests failures caused by issue 906493004 ( by hanxi - 3 hours ago