1. 0478c6b  ServiceWorker: Clean up ServiceWorkerVersion::OnGetClients by nhiroki - 70 seconds ago git-svn master
  2. cdb7395  Report dump counts as a stability metric. by erikwright - 16 minutes ago
  3. 5145f937  Roll src/third_party/WebKit 0ab1d28:824cb82 (svn 192890:192893) by blink-deps-roller - 17 minutes ago
  4. 1568856  MacViews: Avoid linking Cocoa infobar to MacViews browser by andresantoso - 17 minutes ago
  5. f8d789c  Remove uses of KillProcess. by rvargas - 19 minutes ago
  6. d65edb7  Base: Truncate the timeout of WaitableEvent::TimedWait on Windows. by rvargas - 26 minutes ago
  7. 0bd2a73  Enable skp dump for SP by pan.deng - 67 minutes ago
  8. 982ef2c  Add last_requested field to the favicon_bitmaps table of the favicons database. by rogerm - 78 minutes ago lkcr
  9. fa67d3a  Propagate enable-stale-while-revalidate flag to the renderer. by yhirano - 78 minutes ago
  10. dc0a7c2  Extract TabLoader from into its own files. by georgesak - 89 minutes ago
  11. ccabd7e  Web MIDI API: disallow to add custom exceptions on content settings UI by toyoshim - 2 hours ago
  12. 277c59b  Tracking latency/duration of events related to the UnmaskingPrompt by waltercacau - 2 hours ago
  13. ca37124  Hotword: Improve offline Behaviour by kcarattini - 2 hours ago
  14. aa9e60e  Add a 'gyp_only' GYP target for the GN migration. by dpranke - 2 hours ago
  15. 4d23688  Roll src/third_party/WebKit bfab7e1:0ab1d28 (svn 192883:192890) by blink-deps-roller - 2 hours ago
  16. 714f45a  Revert of Revert of tools/gn: fix escaping of backslashes (patchset #1 id:1 of by raymes - 2 hours ago
  17. 745f645  Revert of tools/gn: fix escaping of backslashes (patchset #3 id:40001 of by raymes - 2 hours ago
  18. 0352139  [Smart Lock] Add UMA metrics to measure duration of unlock. by isherman - 3 hours ago
  19. 9832212  Added metrics to track sandboxed process launch errors. Have already added metrics to track create process errors when lowbox token is present (, which still remains a mystery. Now adding general sandboxed create process error so that we can establish a baseline. by shrikant - 3 hours ago
  20. ce89695  Add utility functions for forking new PID namespaces. by rickyz - 3 hours ago