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  1. d39123df MD History: Hide horizontal scroll bar of synced tabs sign in promo by lshang · 19 minutes ago master
  2. b579dce Update WebGL2 conformance test expectations for Win Intel/AMD bots. by zmo · 33 minutes ago
  3. 65cb8ce service worker: Add net_log for fetch event dispatch by falken · 36 minutes ago
  4. f6630ff Update benchmarks to use chrome_trace_config.MemoryDumpConfig by zhenw · 39 minutes ago
  5. 1ce26dc Add views_unittests to Mac10.{9,9(dbg),10,11} and asan bots by tapted · 42 minutes ago
  6. 3647b2d VDA unittest: use sync SwapBuffers on non-freon devices. by wuchengli · 44 minutes ago
  7. e75f766 When pumping tokens yield for scripts waiting for resources. by dominicc · 52 minutes ago
  8. 0aad49f Make LocalFrame::nodeImage() to take an image for the element with :-webkit-drag pseudo class by yosin · 61 minutes ago
  9. 20c47d5 Make Editor::replaceSelectionWithFragment() to update layout tree explicitly by yosin · 61 minutes ago
  10. b25f5fd Fix comment ASCII-art diagram in CrossThreadHolder.h. by mgiuca · 63 minutes ago
  11. 0d4987c Avoid copying strings when parsing CSS colors on the slow path. by esprehn · 65 minutes ago
  12. f4987fd Replace usage of KeyboardEvent.keyIdentifier with KeyboardEvent.key by keishi · 74 minutes ago lkcr
  13. 91a68cd Don't create m_style for option element in display:none subtree. by rune · 2 hours ago
  14. 16a0ce3 Cleanup: decouple web_input_event_aura and ui_events_helper by tapted · 3 hours ago
  15. 95e7ad5 Storage manager: Add browsing data. by fukino · 3 hours ago
  16. c4f0333 Notify the subresource_filter::RulesetService about new data. by melandory · 3 hours ago
  17. ca7414d Sort all includes in //ash by jamescook · 4 hours ago lkgr
  18. 08a324c [afl] Add Asan Release build configuration. by metzman · 4 hours ago
  19. d1dd50f Migrate RenderProcessHost, ChildThread to InterfaceRegistry/Provider by ben · 6 hours ago
  20. dc39326 Rolling DEPS for third_party/ced by jinsukkim · 6 hours ago