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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "device/nfc/nfc_ndef_record.h"
namespace device {
// NfcPeer represents a remote NFC adapter that is available for P2P
// communication with the local adapter. Instances of NfcPeer allow two
// kinds of P2P interaction that is supported by NFC:
// - NDEF. Specifically, reading NDEF records found on the peer device and
// pushing NDEF records to it (e.g. via SNEP or Android Beam), in the form
// of an NDEF message as specified by the NFC forum.
// - Initiating a handover. On platforms that support it, handover can be
// used to quickly bootstrap a Bluetooth or WiFi based connection between
// the two devices over NFC.
class NfcPeer {
// NFC handover types.
enum HandoverType {
// Interface for observing changes from NFC peer devices.
class Observer {
virtual ~Observer() {}
// This method will be called when an NDEF record |record| from the peer
// device |peer| is received. Users can use this method to be notified of
// new records on the device and when the initial set of records are
// received from it, if any. All records received from |peer| can be
// accessed by calling |peer->GetNdefMessage()|.
virtual void RecordReceived(NfcPeer* peer, const NfcNdefRecord* record) {}
// The ErrorCallback is used by methods to asynchronously report errors.
typedef base::Closure ErrorCallback;
virtual ~NfcPeer();
// Adds and removes observers for events on this NFC peer. If monitoring
// multiple peers, check the |peer| parameter of observer methods to
// determine which peer is issuing the event.
virtual void AddObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
virtual void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
// Returns the unique identifier assigned to this peer.
virtual std::string GetIdentifier() const = 0;
// Returns all NDEF records that were received from the peer device in the
// form of a NDEF message. If the returned NDEF message contains no records,
// this only means that no records have yet been received from the device.
// Users should use this method in conjunction with the Observer methods
// to be notified when the records are ready.
virtual const NfcNdefMessage& GetNdefMessage() const = 0;
// Sends the NDEF records contained in |message| to the peer device. On
// success, |callback| will be invoked. On failure, |error_callback| will be
// invoked.
virtual void PushNdef(const NfcNdefMessage& message,
const base::Closure& callback,
const ErrorCallback& error_callback) = 0;
// Initiates WiFi or Bluetooth pairing with the NFC peer device based on
// |handover_type|. On success, |callback| will be invoked. On failure,
// |error_callback| will be invoked.
virtual void StartHandover(HandoverType handover_type,
const base::Closure& callback,
const ErrorCallback& error_callback) = 0;
} // namespace device