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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Runs a monkey test on a single device."""
import logging
import random
from pylib import constants
from pylib.base import base_test_result
from pylib.base import base_test_runner
from pylib.device import intent
class TestRunner(base_test_runner.BaseTestRunner):
"""A TestRunner instance runs a monkey test on a single device."""
def __init__(self, test_options, device, _):
super(TestRunner, self).__init__(device, None)
self._options = test_options
self._package = constants.PACKAGE_INFO[self._options.package].package
self._activity = constants.PACKAGE_INFO[self._options.package].activity
def _LaunchMonkeyTest(self):
"""Runs monkey test for a given package.
Output from the monkey command on the device.
timeout_ms = self._options.event_count * self._options.throttle * 1.5
cmd = ['monkey',
'-p %s' % self._package,
' '.join(['-c %s' % c for c in self._options.category]),
'--throttle %d' % self._options.throttle,
'-s %d' % (self._options.seed or random.randint(1, 100)),
'-v ' * self._options.verbose_count,
'%d' % self._options.event_count]
return self.device.RunShellCommand(' '.join(cmd), timeout=timeout_ms)
def RunTest(self, test_name):
"""Run a Monkey test on the device.
test_name: String to use for logging the test result.
A tuple of (TestRunResults, retry).
intent.Intent(package=self._package, activity=self._activity,
blocking=True, force_stop=True)
# Chrome crashes are not always caught by Monkey test runner.
# Verify Chrome has the same PID before and after the test.
before_pids = self.device.GetPids(self._package)
# Run the test.
output = ''
if before_pids:
output = '\n'.join(self._LaunchMonkeyTest())
after_pids = self.device.GetPids(self._package)
crashed = True
if not self._package in before_pids:
logging.error('Failed to start the process.')
elif not self._package in after_pids:
logging.error('Process %s has died.', before_pids[self._package])
elif before_pids[self._package] != after_pids[self._package]:
logging.error('Detected process restart %s -> %s',
before_pids[self._package], after_pids[self._package])
crashed = False
results = base_test_result.TestRunResults()
success_pattern = 'Events injected: %d' % self._options.event_count
if success_pattern in output and not crashed:
result = base_test_result.BaseTestResult(
test_name, base_test_result.ResultType.PASS, log=output)
result = base_test_result.BaseTestResult(
test_name, base_test_result.ResultType.FAIL, log=output)
if 'chrome' in self._options.package:
logging.warning('Starting MinidumpUploadService...')
except AssertionError as e:
logging.error('Failed to start MinidumpUploadService: %s', e)
return results, False