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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "components/download/public/common/download_danger_type.h"
#include "components/download/public/common/download_item.h"
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "content/public/browser/resource_request_info.h"
#include "content/public/browser/save_page_type.h"
namespace content {
class BrowserContext;
class WebContents;
// Called by SavePackage when it creates a download::DownloadItem.
using SavePackageDownloadCreatedCallback =
// Will be called asynchronously with the results of the ChooseSavePath
// operation. If the delegate wants notification of the download item created
// in response to this operation, the SavePackageDownloadCreatedCallback will be
// non-null.
using SavePackagePathPickedCallback =
base::Callback<void(const base::FilePath&,
const SavePackageDownloadCreatedCallback&)>;
// Called with the results of DetermineDownloadTarget().
// |target_path| should be set to a non-empty path which is taken to be the
// final target path for the download. Any file already at this path will be
// overwritten.
// |disposition| and |danger_type| are attributes associated with the download
// item and can be accessed via the download::DownloadItem accessors.
// |intermediate_path| specifies the path to the intermediate file. The download
// will be written to this path until all the bytes have been written. Upon
// completion, the file will be renamed to |target_path|.
// |intermediate_path| could be the same as |target_path|. Both paths must
// be in the same directory.
// |interrupt_reason| should be set to DOWNLOAD_INTERRUPT_REASON_NONE in
// order to proceed with the download. DOWNLOAD_INTERRUPT_REASON_USER_CANCEL
// results in the download being marked cancelled. Any other value results
// in the download being marked as interrupted. The other fields are only
// considered valid if |interrupt_reason| is NONE.
using DownloadTargetCallback =
base::Callback<void(const base::FilePath& target_path,
download::DownloadItem::TargetDisposition disposition,
download::DownloadDangerType danger_type,
const base::FilePath& intermediate_path,
download::DownloadInterruptReason interrupt_reason)>;
// Called when a download delayed by the delegate has completed.
using DownloadOpenDelayedCallback = base::Callback<void(bool)>;
// Called with the result of CheckForFileExistence().
using CheckForFileExistenceCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(bool result)>;
// On failure, |next_id| is equal to kInvalidId.
using DownloadIdCallback = base::Callback<void(uint32_t /* next_id */)>;
// Called on whether a download is allowed to continue.
using CheckDownloadAllowedCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(bool /*allow*/)>;
// Browser's download manager: manages all downloads and destination view.
class CONTENT_EXPORT DownloadManagerDelegate {
// Lets the delegate know that the download manager is shutting down.
virtual void Shutdown() {}
// Runs |callback| with a new download id when possible, perhaps
// synchronously. If this call fails, |callback| will be called with
// kInvalidId.
virtual void GetNextId(const DownloadIdCallback& callback);
// Called to notify the delegate that a new download |item| requires a
// download target to be determined. The delegate should return |true| if it
// will determine the target information and will invoke |callback|. The
// callback may be invoked directly (synchronously). If this function returns
// |false|, the download manager will continue the download using a default
// target path.
// The state of the |item| shouldn't be modified during the process of
// filename determination save for external data (GetExternalData() /
// SetExternalData()).
// If the download should be canceled, |callback| should be invoked with an
// empty |target_path| argument.
virtual bool DetermineDownloadTarget(download::DownloadItem* item,
const DownloadTargetCallback& callback);
// Tests if a file type should be opened automatically.
virtual bool ShouldOpenFileBasedOnExtension(const base::FilePath& path);
// Allows the delegate to delay completion of the download. This function
// will either return true (in which case the download may complete)
// or will call the callback passed when the download is ready for
// completion. This routine may be called multiple times; once the callback
// has been called or the function has returned true for a particular
// download it should continue to return true for that download.
virtual bool ShouldCompleteDownload(download::DownloadItem* item,
const base::Closure& complete_callback);
// Allows the delegate to override opening the download. If this function
// returns false, the delegate needs to call callback when it's done
// with the item, and is responsible for opening it. This function is called
// after the final rename, but before the download state is set to COMPLETED.
virtual bool ShouldOpenDownload(download::DownloadItem* item,
const DownloadOpenDelayedCallback& callback);
// Checks and hands off the downloading to be handled by another system based
// on mime type. Returns true if the download was intercepted.
virtual bool InterceptDownloadIfApplicable(const GURL& url,
const std::string& mime_type,
const std::string& request_origin,
WebContents* web_contents);
// Returns true if we need to generate a binary hash for downloads.
virtual bool GenerateFileHash();
// Retrieve the directories to save html pages and downloads to.
virtual void GetSaveDir(BrowserContext* browser_context,
base::FilePath* website_save_dir,
base::FilePath* download_save_dir,
bool* skip_dir_check) {}
// Asks the user for the path to save a page. The delegate calls the callback
// to give the answer.
virtual void ChooseSavePath(
WebContents* web_contents,
const base::FilePath& suggested_path,
const base::FilePath::StringType& default_extension,
bool can_save_as_complete,
const SavePackagePathPickedCallback& callback) {
// Sanitize a filename that's going to be used for saving a subresource of a
// SavePackage.
// If the delegate does nothing, the default filename already populated in
// |filename| will be used. Otherwise, the delegate can update |filename| to
// the desired filename.
// |filename| contains a basename with an extension, but without a path. This
// should be the case on return as well. I.e. |filename| cannot specify a
// relative path.
virtual void SanitizeSavePackageResourceName(base::FilePath* filename) {}
// Opens the file associated with this download.
virtual void OpenDownload(download::DownloadItem* download) {}
// Returns whether this is the most recent download in the rare event where
// multiple downloads are associated with the same file path.
virtual bool IsMostRecentDownloadItemAtFilePath(
download::DownloadItem* download);
// Shows the download via the OS shell.
virtual void ShowDownloadInShell(download::DownloadItem* download) {}
// Checks whether a downloaded file still exists.
virtual void CheckForFileExistence(download::DownloadItem* download,
CheckForFileExistenceCallback callback) {}
// Return a GUID string used for identifying the application to the system AV
// function for scanning downloaded files. If no GUID is provided or if the
// provided GUID is invalid, then the appropriate quarantining will be
// performed manually without passing the download to the system AV function.
// This GUID is only used on Windows.
virtual std::string ApplicationClientIdForFileScanning() const;
// Checks whether download is allowed to continue. |check_download_allowed_cb|
// is called with the decision on completion.
virtual void CheckDownloadAllowed(
const ResourceRequestInfo::WebContentsGetter& web_contents_getter,
const GURL& url,
const std::string& request_method,
CheckDownloadAllowedCallback check_download_allowed_cb);
virtual ~DownloadManagerDelegate();
} // namespace content