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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
namespace gfx {
class SelectionBound;
namespace ui {
class TouchSelectionController;
class TouchSelectionControllerClient;
class TouchSelectionMenuClient;
} // namespace ui
namespace content {
// This class defines an interface for a manager class that allows multiple
// TouchSelectionControllerClients to work together with a single
// TouchSelectionController.
class CONTENT_EXPORT TouchSelectionControllerClientManager {
virtual ~TouchSelectionControllerClientManager() {}
virtual void DidStopFlinging() = 0;
// The manager uses this class' methods to notify observers about important
// events.
class CONTENT_EXPORT Observer {
virtual ~Observer() {}
// Warns observers the manager is shutting down. The manager's view may not
// be rigidly defined with respect to the lifetime of the client's views.
virtual void OnManagerWillDestroy(
TouchSelectionControllerClientManager* manager) = 0;
// Clients call this method when their selection bounds change, so that the
// manager can determine which client should be considered the active client,
// i.e. receive the selection handles and (possibly) a quickmenu.
virtual void UpdateClientSelectionBounds(
const gfx::SelectionBound& start,
const gfx::SelectionBound& end,
ui::TouchSelectionControllerClient* client,
ui::TouchSelectionMenuClient* menu_client) = 0;
// Used by clients to inform the manager that the client no longer wants to
// participate in touch selection editing, usually because the client's view
// is being destroyed or detached.
virtual void InvalidateClient(ui::TouchSelectionControllerClient* client) = 0;
// Provides direct access to the TouchSelectionController that will be used
// with all clients accessing this manager. May return null values on Android.
virtual ui::TouchSelectionController* GetTouchSelectionController() = 0;
// The following two functions allow clients (or their owners, etc.) to
// monitor the manager's lifetime.
virtual void AddObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
virtual void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
} // namespace content