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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
#include "content/common/input/input_handler.mojom.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/binding.h"
namespace content {
class MockWidgetInputHandler : public mojom::WidgetInputHandler {
MockWidgetInputHandler(mojom::WidgetInputHandlerRequest request,
mojom::WidgetInputHandlerHostPtr host);
~MockWidgetInputHandler() override;
class DispatchedEditCommandMessage;
class DispatchedEventMessage;
class DispatchedFocusMessage;
class DispatchedIMEMessage;
class DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdatesMessage;
// Abstract storage of a received call on the MockWidgetInputHandler
// interface.
class DispatchedMessage {
explicit DispatchedMessage(const std::string& name);
virtual ~DispatchedMessage();
// Cast this to a DispatchedEditCommandMessage if it is one, null
// otherwise.
virtual DispatchedEditCommandMessage* ToEditCommand();
// Cast this to a DispatchedEventMessage if it is one, null otherwise.
virtual DispatchedEventMessage* ToEvent();
// Cast this to an DispatchedFocusMessage if it is one, null otherwise.
virtual DispatchedFocusMessage* ToFocus();
// Cast this to an DispatchedIMEMessage if it is one, null otherwise.
virtual DispatchedIMEMessage* ToIME();
// Cast this to a DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdateMessage if it is one,
// null otherwise.
virtual DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdatesMessage*
// Return the name associated with this message. It will either match
// the message call name (eg. MouseCaptureLost) or the name of an
// input event (eg. GestureScrollBegin).
const std::string& name() const { return name_; }
std::string name_;
// A DispatchedMessage that stores the IME compositing parameters
// that were invoked with.
class DispatchedIMEMessage : public DispatchedMessage {
DispatchedIMEMessage(const std::string& name,
const base::string16& text,
const std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan>& ime_text_spans,
const gfx::Range& range,
int32_t start,
int32_t end);
~DispatchedIMEMessage() override;
// Override and return |this|.
DispatchedIMEMessage* ToIME() override;
// Returns if this message matches the parameters passed in.
bool Matches(const base::string16& text,
const std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan>& ime_text_spans,
const gfx::Range& range,
int32_t start,
int32_t end) const;
base::string16 text_;
std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan> text_spans_;
gfx::Range range_;
int32_t start_;
int32_t end_;
// A DispatchedMessage that stores the IME compositing parameters
// that were invoked with.
class DispatchedEditCommandMessage : public DispatchedMessage {
explicit DispatchedEditCommandMessage(
const std::vector<content::EditCommand>& commands);
~DispatchedEditCommandMessage() override;
// Override and return |this|.
DispatchedEditCommandMessage* ToEditCommand() override;
const std::vector<content::EditCommand>& Commands() const;
std::vector<content::EditCommand> commands_;
// A DispatchedMessage that stores the focus parameters
// that were invoked with.
class DispatchedFocusMessage : public DispatchedMessage {
explicit DispatchedFocusMessage(bool focused);
~DispatchedFocusMessage() override;
// Override and return |this|.
DispatchedFocusMessage* ToFocus() override;
bool focused() const { return focused_; }
const bool focused_;
// A DispatchedMessage that stores the InputEvent and callback
// that was passed to the MockWidgetInputHandler interface.
class DispatchedEventMessage : public DispatchedMessage {
DispatchedEventMessage(std::unique_ptr<content::InputEvent> event,
DispatchEventCallback callback);
~DispatchedEventMessage() override;
// Override and return |this|.
DispatchedEventMessage* ToEvent() override;
// Invoke the callback on this object with the passed in |state|.
// The callback is called with default values for the other fields.
void CallCallback(InputEventAckState state);
// Invoke a callback with all the arguments provided.
void CallCallback(InputEventAckSource source,
const ui::LatencyInfo& latency_info,
InputEventAckState state,
const base::Optional<ui::DidOverscrollParams>& overscroll,
const base::Optional<cc::TouchAction>& touch_action);
// Return if the callback is set.
bool HasCallback() const;
// Return the associated event.
const content::InputEvent* Event() const;
std::unique_ptr<content::InputEvent> event_;
DispatchEventCallback callback_;
// A DispatchedMessage that stores the RequestCompositionUpdates parameters
// that were invoked with.
class DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdatesMessage : public DispatchedMessage {
DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdatesMessage(bool immediate_request,
bool monitor_request);
~DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdatesMessage() override;
// Override and return |this|.
DispatchedRequestCompositionUpdatesMessage* ToRequestCompositionUpdates()
bool immediate_request() const { return immediate_request_; }
bool monitor_request() const { return monitor_request_; }
const bool immediate_request_;
const bool monitor_request_;
// mojom::WidgetInputHandler override.
void SetFocus(bool focused) override;
void MouseCaptureLost() override;
void SetEditCommandsForNextKeyEvent(
const std::vector<content::EditCommand>& commands) override;
void CursorVisibilityChanged(bool visible) override;
void ImeSetComposition(const base::string16& text,
const std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan>& ime_text_spans,
const gfx::Range& range,
int32_t start,
int32_t end) override;
void ImeCommitText(const base::string16& text,
const std::vector<ui::ImeTextSpan>& ime_text_spans,
const gfx::Range& range,
int32_t relative_cursor_position,
ImeCommitTextCallback callback) override;
void ImeFinishComposingText(bool keep_selection) override;
void RequestTextInputStateUpdate() override;
void RequestCompositionUpdates(bool immediate_request,
bool monitor_request) override;
void DispatchEvent(std::unique_ptr<content::InputEvent> event,
DispatchEventCallback callback) override;
void DispatchNonBlockingEvent(
std::unique_ptr<content::InputEvent> event) override;
void AttachSynchronousCompositor(
mojom::SynchronousCompositorControlHostPtr control_host,
mojom::SynchronousCompositorHostAssociatedPtrInfo host,
mojom::SynchronousCompositorAssociatedRequest compositor_request)
using MessageVector = std::vector<std::unique_ptr<DispatchedMessage>>;
MessageVector GetAndResetDispatchedMessages();
mojo::Binding<mojom::WidgetInputHandler> binding_;
mojom::WidgetInputHandlerHostPtr host_ = nullptr;
MessageVector dispatched_messages_;
} // namespace content