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<!--Test file for ClientCancelled redirect_uitest. This tests that a location change when a pending
client redirect exists (in this case a meta-refresh) isn't flagged as a client redirect. The timeout
for the meta-refresh is large so that it can't happen during this test; we just want it to be scheduled.
We can't use a body onload to do the location change, because this will end up firing before the
meta-refresh timer is scheduled, so we use a non-zero timeout of 1msec for this. -->
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="20000">
function clickHandler() {
document.location = "#myanchor";
return true;
<body onclick="clickHandler();">
<input type="button" id="mybutton" onclick="document.location='#myanchor'"/>
<a name="myanchor">Anchor</a><br/>