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This directory contains some executable files for testing the SignatureUtil
implementations. Instructions for regenerating these executables:
cl /Feunsigned.exe
MakeCert -sv test.pvk test.cer (password: "password")
Cert2SPC test.cer test.spc
pvk2pfx -pvk test.pvk test.cer (export the private key with the cert)
copy unsigned.exe signed.exe
signtool sign /f test.pfx /p password signed.exe
disable_outdated_build_detector.exe: Signed Google Chrome binary from an
official build.
signed_twice.exe: A copy of signed.exe with a bogus hand-crafted second
attribute certificate entry.
The various zipfile*.zip files, used by the SandboxedZipAnalyzerTest, were
generated with the following commands:
- zip
- zip unsigned.exe
- zip unsigned.exe signed.exe