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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Delete this file when WMPI_CAST is no longer needed.
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "media/blink/media_blink_export.h"
#include "media/blink/renderer_media_player_interface.h"
#include "media/blink/webmediaplayer_params.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace blink {
class WebLocalFrame;
class WebMediaPlayerClient;
class WebURL;
namespace media {
class VideoFrame;
class WebMediaPlayerDelegate;
class WebMediaPlayerImpl;
// This shim allows WebMediaPlayer to act sufficiently similar to
// WebMediaPlayerAndroid (by extending RendererMediaPlayerInterface)
// to implement cast functionality.
class WebMediaPlayerCast : public RendererMediaPlayerInterface {
WebMediaPlayerCast(WebMediaPlayerImpl* impl,
blink::WebMediaPlayerClient* client,
const WebMediaPlayerParams::Context3DCB& context_3d_cb);
void Initialize(const GURL& url,
blink::WebLocalFrame* frame,
int delegate_id);
void requestRemotePlayback();
void requestRemotePlaybackControl();
void SetMediaPlayerManager(
RendererMediaPlayerManagerInterface* media_player_manager);
bool isRemote() const { return is_remote_; }
double currentTime() const;
void play();
void pause();
void seek(base::TimeDelta t);
// RendererMediaPlayerInterface implementation
void OnMediaMetadataChanged(base::TimeDelta duration,
int width,
int height,
bool success) override;
void OnPlaybackComplete() override;
void OnBufferingUpdate(int percentage) override;
void OnSeekRequest(const base::TimeDelta& time_to_seek) override;
void OnSeekComplete(const base::TimeDelta& current_time) override;
void OnMediaError(int error_type) override;
void OnVideoSizeChanged(int width, int height) override;
// Called to update the current time.
void OnTimeUpdate(base::TimeDelta current_timestamp,
base::TimeTicks current_time_ticks) override;
// void OnWaitingForDecryptionKey() override;
void OnPlayerReleased() override;
// Functions called when media player status changes.
void OnConnectedToRemoteDevice(
const std::string& remote_playback_message) override;
void OnDisconnectedFromRemoteDevice() override;
void OnCancelledRemotePlaybackRequest() override;
void OnDidExitFullscreen() override;
void OnMediaPlayerPlay() override;
void OnMediaPlayerPause() override;
void OnRemoteRouteAvailabilityChanged(bool routes_available) override;
// Getters of playback state.
// bool paused() const override;
// True if the loaded media has a playable video track.
// bool hasVideo() const override;
// This function is called by the RendererMediaPlayerManager to pause the
// video and release the media player and surface texture when we switch tabs.
// However, the actual GlTexture is not released to keep the video screenshot.
void SuspendAndReleaseResources() override;
#if defined(VIDEO_HOLE)
// Calculate the boundary rectangle of the media player (i.e. location and
// size of the video frame).
// Returns true if the geometry has been changed since the last call.
bool UpdateBoundaryRectangle() override;
const gfx::RectF GetBoundaryRectangle() override;
void OnWaitingForDecryptionKey() override;
bool paused() const override;
bool hasVideo() const override;
void SetDeviceScaleFactor(float scale_factor);
scoped_refptr<VideoFrame> GetCastingBanner();
void setPoster(const blink::WebURL& poster);
WebMediaPlayerImpl* webmediaplayer_;
blink::WebMediaPlayerClient* client_;
WebMediaPlayerParams::Context3DCB context_3d_cb_;
// Manages this object and delegates player calls to the browser process.
// Owned by RenderFrameImpl.
RendererMediaPlayerManagerInterface* player_manager_ = nullptr;
// Player ID assigned by the |player_manager_|.
int player_id_;
// Whether the browser is currently connected to a remote media player.
bool is_remote_ = false;
bool paused_ = true;
bool initializing_ = false;
bool should_notify_time_changed_ = false;
// Last reported playout time.
base::TimeDelta remote_time_;
base::TimeTicks remote_time_at_;
base::TimeDelta duration_;
// Whether the media player has been initialized.
bool is_player_initialized_ = false;
std::string remote_playback_message_;
float device_scale_factor_ = 1.0;
// Make a texture-backed video of the given size containing the given message.
MEDIA_BLINK_EXPORT scoped_refptr<VideoFrame> MakeTextFrameForCast(
const std::string& remote_playback_message,
gfx::Size canvas_size,
gfx::Size natural_size,
const base::Callback<gpu::gles2::GLES2Interface*()>& context_3d_cb);
} // namespace media